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A video showing two men embroiled in an MMA-style fight in an MTR Tuen Ma line carriage has gone viral.

The clip, which is around 1 minute long, begins with the two men hitting each other while standing in the middle of the carriage.

The man in a black shirt then pushes the other one down onto a bench. 

Many passengers can be seen walking away quickly to avoid the fight.

A woman, who appears to know the man in grey, tries but fails to stop the fight.

The man in grey can be seen throwing the other man on the floor in a judo-style takedown.

The man in black then strikes back by hitting him in the head.

An announcement by the MTR that they would have someone to help with the incident at the next stop can be heard about 30 seconds into the tussle.

The two then slow down, with the man in grey giving the other a final kick.

The woman tells him it is “enough”.

The man in black then returns the other man his mask, which he got a hold of earlier, by throwing it on the floor and yelling at him, “Your mask” along with some vulgarities.

Another passenger then passes the man in grey a new mask, as he mentioned it was torn apart, and the fight appears to end.

Many netizens in the comments section chuckled at how the man in black was considerate in returning the mask.

“What strong awareness of [COVID-19] prevention,” said one internet user.

“A HK$5,000 [fine] is so effective, even those fighting will remind the opponent to wear his mask,” said another, referring to the penalty of US$637 for those caught not wearing a mask in public places.

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