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Two tourists died while they were river rafting in Bali’s Gianyar regency yesterday, after a landslide struck the area following heavy rain. 

In a statement, the Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) in Bali said the landslide occurred in Ubud’s Kedewatan Village, just after the victims were finishing up their rafting activity, at around 2pm. The group of six people partaking in the activity happened to be at the bottom of a cliff when a downpour triggered the landslide. 

Basarnas said the other four people in the group survived the incident. Meanwhile, the fatalities were listed as Indonesian nationals, a 36-year-old identified as N and a 10-year-old identified as JLH.

Among the surviving victims is a Swedish national, identified as 55-year-old CHJ. Another survivor, an 8-year-old boy identified as M, was only found at around 10:30am today. 

“When [M] was found by the joint search and rescue team, the victim was face down and caught between bamboo tree branches,” Basarnas Bali Head Gede Darmada said. 

The survivors have been evacuated to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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