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By now, you’ve probably surmised that we test-drive a lot of beauty products here at Who What Wear HQ. From nail polish and makeup to hair and skincare, we’re eyebrow-deep in all things new, exciting, and wish list–worthy. That said, due to the number of products we come in contact with, we’ve also transformed into the nitpickiest of beauty consumers. Within seconds, we can tell if a new hair oil is too heavy, and we’re quick to ignore a serum that yields disappointing results.

The good news? We’re far more often impressed than unimpressed after trying out a new product, and usually, we simply can’t wait to spread the word to all of our fellow beauty lovers (also known as you!). Therefore, we’ve decided gushing over our latest fave products should become a monthly ritual, and every 30 days or so, you can expect a full report detailing the highlighters, hair wands, and overnight skincare saviors we’ve quickly fallen head over heels for.

For the most part, we’ll be covering buzzworthy launches, as those typically take up most of the action atop our product-filled desks, but we won’t dismiss new-to-us products, either. Sometimes, our best discoveries are found on a friend’s vanity or on someone’s face at the bar (true story). Ahead are the best beauty products we tried in January! Grab your game face and wallet—you’ll be needing both.

“As it turns out, I am very late to the party when it comes to my newfound love of this ceramide-rich, barrier-protecting serum from Cocokind. But hey, better late than never! You know that feeling when you try a new product and your skin just feels SO happy to be drinking it in? That’s how this formula makes me feel, and my dry, sensitive skin just can’t get enough of the lush mix of ceramides, lipids, and beta glucan. It’s a good thing it’s just $22, because I already know this is a winner I’ll be re-stocking over and over again in the name of clear, bouncy, and perfectly hydrated skin.”

“Selena has done it again! Among a slew of new Rare Beauty launches (all of which I love) this stealthy under-eye brightener has to be my favorite. Maybe because I’ve kind of been in a no-makeup moment? Don’t get me wrong, you can totally dot and tap this along your under-eyes pre-concealer and foundation for an even brighter effect, but I’ve been loving it on its own over eye cream to just subtly blur out my aggressive dark circles. Think of it as a filter in a tube! It doesn’t crease or cake (praise be) and it also contains yummy ingredients a dry under-eye area will love like white peony and vitamin E. Not to mention, the cool-tip metal applicator is a refreshing final touch.”

“I don’t even know how many natural deodorants I’ve tried and quit at this point. (Cough, SO many!) So, while I’ve never met a Glossier body product I haven’t liked, I was kind of set to hate on this new deodorant or just skip it all together. But, because one of the four scent options is Glossier You (one of my fave fragrances of all time) I couldn’t abandon my tiny flicker of hope. Guys. GUYS. I am so impressed! I’ve been wearing this aluminum, baking soda, water, and exfoliating acid-free deodorant for almost two weeks and haven’t experienced one bad whiff since. All of the above additions can cause bad odor or disrupt the skin’s pH, so the fact that they’re AWOL in this stick and replaced with skin-nourishing coconut oil and other strategic additions like elderberry extract, magnesium hydroxide, and potato starch makes me all the more happier. “This deodornt is also refillable (love that, Glossier!) and if  the You scent isn’t your vibe for a deodorant, there’s also Orange Blossom Neroli (pear mandarin, and cypress), Sandstone (sandalwood, clary sage, and fig leaf, and an unscented option. So yeah, you pretty much have no excuse not to buy this now.”‘ 

“I recently had the most amazing opportunity to meet and participate in a photoshoot with Meaningful Beauty’s founder, Cindy Crawford (eep!) whilst test-driving the line’s large array of products to celebrate the relaunch of the brand’s Age-Proof Hair Care System. (Which is amaze.) Since, I’ve actually discovered a large number of products I can’t live without (the Restorative Scalp Treatment is A+), but I can’t not mention these instantly cooling, de-puffing, brightening eye patches. I’d be doing all my fellow tired-eyed peeps out there a huge disservice! They’re infused with a mega-mix of allantoin, hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, and melon super antioxidants that all tag-team to sooth, hydrate, reduce redness, plump fine lines, and lend a more even and radiant cast to the skin. I like to store mine in my fridge to up the cooling factor even more.”

“Never have I ever received so many responses to an IG story than when I randomly posted the above photo a few weeks ago without a second thought. 21 DMs later—yes, I counted—people wanted to know A) whether or not my hair is real (it is—I retired my extension habit back in college) and B) the precise manner in which I got my curls. My response? Sending them a link to GHD’s tapered Creative Curl wand. Beloved by celeb hairstylists and beauty editors alike, it makes f*cking up your hair almost impossible, and I say that as someone who honestly sucks at doing my own hair. I also appreciate that it’s preset to 365°F for easy styling sans damage-inducing extreme heat—especially for someone like me who bleaches their hair!”

“Ever since that fateful first sniff, I’ve been head over heels addicted to this new fragrance from iconic house Guerlain. Like… I can’t rip myself away from it! It’s completely timeless and beautiful, light but also complex and somehow intensely rich. (I know that logically, that doesn’t make much sense, but if you could only smell it!) The brand scores it a three out of four in intensity, and while the star player is oud wood, it’s balanced out by white almond, raspberry accord, blond woods, sandalwood, and a touch of Madagascan vanilla. It’s a treat, trust me!”

“I’m obsessed with this new highlighter from Rare Beauty. As the name would suggest, it quite literally glides on like silk and the pigment payoff is truly something else!”

“I just started using this cleanser about a week ago and it completely blew me away. Rouleau is a true wizard. This is one of the best cleansers for acne-prone skin I’ve ever used. It’s gentle and hydrating, but has powerful antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil to help fight things like hormonal acne (something I’ve struggled with for awhile). It is a bit of a pricier cleanser, but I promise this formula is worth it. Most acne-fighting cleansers tend to dry your skin out, but this one doesn’t at all and it works fast.”

“Simon designed the cult-loved ZIIP device, so you know that her vitamin C serum is equally as good. This concoction is pure, medical grade vitamin C in a 15% concentrate. Vitamin C is a notoriously unstable ingredient, but Simon’s formula won’t break down from light or air exposure. And, the ingredient list is really minimal, something you’ll appreciate if you also have sensitive skin. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and my dark spots have faded significantly. It also just gives your skin this gorgeous, glass-like glow. I’m basically never using any other vitamin C serum again.”

“I am a die-hard fan of Supergoop’s Glowscreen, and I’m always looking for similar glowy sunscreens that I can get away with wearing on their own. This one goes on so smoothly and also hydrates skin—I’ve been reaching for it all the time.”

“I’m not going to lie to you, I typically don’t like most eye cream formulas. I am absolutely obsessed with this one, however, and I’m constantly scared I’m going to run out because I wish I had a lifetime supply. It’s deeply hydrating, and I feel like it really does plump up my eye area and reduce the appearance of my dark circles (which are unfortunately very dark).”

“Nécessaire can do no wrong, at least in my eyes. I have long been obsessed with their body lotion, and I love that they now have a thicker, nourishing body cream. Packed with colloidal oatmeal and ceramides, this has been a god-send for my dry winter skin.”

“When I want a sunscreen without a glow factor, I’ve been reaching for this one. It has bakuchiol in it, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s typically used as an alternative to retinol, and I love that it’s now being mixed into a daily sunscreen.”

“I never got on the Lost Cherry train, so when I found out Tom Ford was coming out with two new cherry-centric scents, I thought, “this is my chance to finally like a cherry scent!” I was right—I thought I’d like Cherry Smoke better than Electric Cherry, but I find myself gravitating toward Electric Cherry more. It reminds me of a very heightened, grown up version of Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom spray, which I used with abandon as a kid. It’s a light, airy floral with an unmistakable hint of cherry—it smells absolutely divine.”

“Is it just me or are glossy tinted lip balms all the range this winter? It seems like everyone I know is buying into the trend, including me. I’ve tested a few of this kind, but the clear standout is Tower 28’s latest launch. I can’t head out the door without the shade Mix in tow. It leaves my lips hydrated with the perfect wash of color.”

“Whenever Katie Berohn and I are in the office, I can’t help but tap her for her beauty must-haves and her latest rec was nothing short of perfect. I was in the market for a concealer that didn’t crease and had a natural finish, and her current favorite happened to fit the bill. Armani’s luminous silk concealer is just as beautiful as the foundation and quickly becoming my new holy grail.”

“I’m pretty new to the setting spray game and have truly only tried a handful, but this one is now at the top of my list. Most sprays feel super sticky or have a stiffening effect, but this one feels ultra hydrating and leaves a nice natural finish. I took a ballet class recently and was so afraid that I made a rookie mistake by wearing makeup, but it was still flawless even after sweating throughout the class.”

“My signature hairstyle is a slick back bun, which unfortunately means that my hair is prone to major product buildup. I tend to stick to detox shampoos because it gets rid of all of the gels and pomades. This one from Ouai did just that for my 4B hair while also clarifying and strengthening it. The shampoo lathers up nicely, leaves my scalp feeling super clean, and smells amazing.”

“As someone who exclusively use brown liners to accentuate my natural lip color, finding a brown liner that doesn’t camouflage with my lips is a task. This one is pigmented, glides on perfectly with minimal smudging, and has amazing staying power. It also functions as an eye liner and brow pencil. (We love a multi-use product). I’m officially calling this my holy grail beauty product for the month.”

“If you know me, then you know how obsessed I am with Osea’s skincare line. I’ve been using it for months, and have noticed how bright, moisturized, and supple my skin has become! So, when it came to trying out their Body Care, I knew they wouldn’t let me down. I love slathering this one on after a long, hot bath so my skin stays hydrating and glowing. It’s super rich, absorbs quickly, and smells amazing.”

“I’ve always been a huge fan of gardenia fragrances, but for some reason, never got my hands on this one from Gucci until now. It’s fruit and floral, with a gorgeous blend of pear, white gardenia, and brown sugar. Even though I think this is the perfect day fragrance (it’s probably all you’ll catch me wearing this spring), I also really like using it at night just before bed to help me wind down.”

“There’s a reason this has so many positive reviews on Amazon—she gets the job done. If you love the look of false lashes then this $5 tube may just be your new BFF. It adds serious length and volume and doesn’t end up under your lash line at the end of the day. It’s just a remarkably good and affordable mascara to have on hand if you like the drama (who doesn’t?).”

“I haven’t met an About Face product I haven’t liked, and these new lip butters might take the cake. Not only do they come in so many perfectly pigmented shades, from pinks and reds to dark purple and browns, but they melt into your lips leaving them silky smooth and juicy-looking.”

“I love a good eye mask but I have an issue with the fact that most I’ve tried slip and slide down my face once they’re on. That’s the beauty of these—they don’t. They’re made of sustainably sourced Vocal Lyocell fibers, and soaked in a milky serum infused with  ingredients like honey locust seed extract, olive leaf stem cells, and niacinamide. I was impressed after using them for the first time. My under eye area looked brighter and less puffy in ten minutes. They’re my new secret weapon for when I have an event to go to.”

“I finally got around to trying Rhode skin, and it absolutely exceeded my expectations. It’s everything that I love in my favorite products consolidated into just three items. I’ve been using the face cream every night lately and have been getting multiple compliments on my skin a day. I’ll definitely be rebuying it.”

“There’s been a lot of TikTok talk lately about the concealers that were once extremely popular but are now being called out for breakouts. My concealer from Ilia has never done me dirty, and I just reordered it. Plus, it looks so natural.”

“If you like sweet and feminine perfumes, this one is for you. The first time I smelled Paradoxe, I thought I was in heaven, it is one of those scents that transports you to a different dimension. The perfume is all about light florals with a subtle musk that makes it different than anything else I’ve tried.”

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