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I’ll be honest with you: Gift giving isn’t my love language. However, shopping and curating guides of cool and of-the-moment styles is my job, so when it’s time to shop for the people in my life, I’m pretty good at it despite my fatigue. During this time of year, the market is saturated with an overwhelming amount of attractive options and promotional deals, but I think I’ve mastered the art of holiday shopping, and I’m officially ready to share my secret.

Of all of the stores that I frequent throughout the year, Gap has its shining moment during the holidays. It has just about everything you could possibly think of to gift your loved ones. And as much as I love to keep my options open, by the time my Gap cart is full, I’ve checked off everyone on my list (and, of course, snagged some pieces for myself). I’m talking luxe outerwear, elevated basics, and cozy essentials that remain relevant throughout the evolving trend cycle. My fellow editors are also gift shopping at Gap this year, so I enlisted them for their top-tier recommendations below. Keep scrolling to see their picks.

“I got my mom a massive winter coat last year for the holidays, and I swear every time I call her when the weather is even close to chilly, she’s wrapped up in it. As a result, I’m recycling the gift idea and getting this duvet-like style for the rest of my family.”

“In my family, cashmere is a love language, so when it comes time to buy gifts, I always include at least one cashmere item. After spotting this bold orange option at Gap, I made up my mind that it would be the one for 2022.”

“Much of my time during the holidays is spent with friends and family just lounging around, watching movies, looking through old photos, and drinking unusually large amounts of hot cocoa. This year will be no different—besides the fact that everyone I spend it with will be wearing some version of this hoodie.”

“When we were kids, my grandmother would gift every one of her grandchildren with a robe during the holidays, but she hasn’t done it in forever. Since most of us are probably still using the last version she gave us, I feel like it’s probably time for an upgrade.”

“Yes, I’m one of those people who spoils my dog. She will look so cute in this striped sweater. I actually may buy the matching one for myself!”

“My mom, like me, loves a good knit. This cable-knit silhouette is perfection. It will be great for her everyday life.”

“My husband has a pretty extensive baseball-hat collection, and I know he’ll adore this cool plaid style.”

“Oversize shirting is trending hard right now, and I know my sister-in-law will be all about this chic plaid silhouette.”

“My boyfriend is always wearing beanies, which means he’s also always losing them. I love gifting him with a new one every season in a color that’s fun and vibrant.”

“One of my friends recently had a baby, and I’m already anticipating her postpartum wardrobe needs. I think surprising her with a cozy new matching sweatsuit will do just the trick.”

“My best friend is always asking for advice on what to wear. I’ve been trying to convince her to invest in a nice slip dress, so I’m taking this opportunity to gift her with one.”

“My aunt is always complaining about her struggle to find a perfect cable-knit sweater, but thanks to this one, I can finally put her search to rest. I mean, could this be any more impeccable?”

“One of my closest friends loves going skiing and is generally an outdoorsy type of gal. I know she’ll appreciate this beige beanie because it’s a muted tone that goes with everything and has a cute pom-pom.”

“My mom is always complaining about how she doesn’t have any winter sweaters. Since she also lives in L.A., she doesn’t really need anything too heavy, but I think this cardigan is the perfect California winter sweater for her.”

“My best friend is already shopping for a New Year’s Eve dress, and I think I’m going to surprise her with this one. The neckline and cut are so cute, and I think she’ll love this gorgeous chocolate shade.”

“My sister loves a good pair of boots, and these cowboy ankle boots are just so perfect. They’ll go with any outfit and are incredibly sturdy for winter. I may selfishly buy them for her because then I’ll get to borrow them.”

“When I was a kid, my parents always dressed me in Gap sweatshirts—there are so many photos of me in them! My boyfriend’s sister recently had a baby, and this is the perfect set to gift her.”

“My mom loves statement earrings, and I know she’ll find a way to wear this fun pair all the time.”

“My best friend is always complaining about how cold her apartment gets in the winter—this cozy robe is the ultimate gift to give her this year.”

“My boyfriend is hard to shop for—he has such specific style! When I saw this oxford, however, I knew he would wear it all the time. It’s such a fun piece that’s still easy to incorporate into daily wear.”

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