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Practically everything on the internet is on sale this week, which is a beautiful thing. Even better, much of what I’ve come across is so good that I’d 100% buy it at full price. Specifically, the four things I’m shopping for the most this time of year are sweaters, coats, jeans, and shoes. 

It’s basically one of my goals in life to find everything on sale (goals come in many forms), but sometimes, there are items so useful and cool that I’m tempted to buy them immediately, discount code or not. Below, you’ll find Nanushka sweaters, Agolde jeans, Wandler shoes, and more that I’m quite enamored with. And the best part is that they’re all marked down, even though they’re worthy of being purchased at full price. Keep scrolling to shop the goods.

This is cozy and timeless and will look so good tucked into straight-leg jeans.

I consider this to be the perfect camel sweater.

A classic.

You’ll want to wear this one every day. 

I just can’t get over how good this ribbing is. 

Simple yet striking. 

An excellent sweater to wear with skinny jeans.

I’d gladly wear this with everything. 

How cool is this?

I don’t know how I didn’t find this divine coat sooner.

I’d style this exactly as so.

If this jacket makes me look as cool as this girl, then I’m sold.

This is how to stay warm while looking very chic.

The back is even cooler.

One of my all-time favorite denim brands. 

This style always looks so good with boots.

I own these and can’t stop talking about how comfortable they are.

I’ve yet to meet a pair of Re/Done jeans I don’t love.

Tried and true.

Agolde’s jeans truly live up to their excellent reputation.

Because you can never go wrong with Levi’s. 

Based on how many stories I’ve put these in, it might be time to buy.

Buy these now and wear them forever.

This color on boots always gets me. 

Truly stunning. 

So many of my outfits need these.

Practical and sleek. 

Just looking at these makes me feel cool. This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated. Next: We Live For Wearable Trends—Here Are 12 That Our Editors Have Tested

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