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The Luxury List is a monthly column on all things luxury, tapping the foremost experts in the fashion space to explore everything from craftsmanship deep dives to the little-known details to consider when buying fine jewelry.

While I don’t tend to make frequent purchases, when I do, they’re usually pieces that I intend on owning for years and years, especially when it comes to investment items. For the upcoming season, I already have my eye on some beautiful luxury fall fashion finds that I’ll be staring at until further notice—and I might even add a few of them into my closet.

Over the last year and a half, I put most of my big purchases on hold in favor of sweatpants, so now I feel very ready to splurge on something special. I’m already considering a new investment bag, with the Celine Triomphe and Saint Laurent Cleo bags topping my list. Shoes are on my short list as well. I’m currently eyeing Prada’s slip-on loafers and Bottega Veneta’s convertible boots. There are other pieces, though, that are just plain fun and have me inspired to dress up for a night out. Nensi Dojaka’s barely there dresses and Nué’s crystal-adorned pieces are definitely high on my list. Here, take a look at the fall luxury fashion items I can’t stop thinking about.

I’m calling it—every fashion person will wear these Prada loafers this fall.

So many fashion people I’ve talked to are losing it over this shearling Jacquemus jacket.

Not gonna lie, I’m dreaming about this bag.

This is beyond. I’ll just be staring at this open-back situation.

You can actually wear these as boots or heels, which I can barely wrap my head around.

This rhinestone-embellished blazer is simply epic.

These knit-and-shearling slides are really bringing joyful fashion to fall.

This cardigan is destined to sell out everywhere.

A new classic.

Get ready for the great clog takeover of 2021.

Saturated shades are comin’ in hot for fall.

This two-tone Jackie bag, though.

My obsession for this jacket is off the charts.

Investment-worthy trousers.

From the silhouette to the shades, these are epic.

You don’t understand how obsessed I am with this Khaite dress.

Expect to see shearling everywhere this fall.

When a trench coat isn’t just a trench coat. The Mannei is a label to know.

The designer I can’t stop thinking about.

The perfect trench coat exists, and this is it.

On my wish list.

The vegan-leather details really make this feel special.

The Attico really knows how to design party pieces.

The Chanel bag of my dreams.

I didn’t know I could love jeans this much.

Find me someone who can resist Amina Muaddi shoes. I’ll wait.

What I want to live in this fall.

Utility pants are a trend that has already won me over for fall. Meet my favorite pair.

Yes to this whole situation.

Next, seven things I always wear (and seven I skip) after living in NYC, Paris, and L.A.

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