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No Zara item goes more viral than a pair of really good shoes. And according to the slew of new arrivals at Zara this past couple of weeks, we can expect a lot more of the brand’s irresistible shoes (and prices) to go viral this fall season. Per usual, the brand has stocked up on all of the major fall trends and essentials, from lace-up booties to crystal-adorned heels. When you find a product that is both forward and cheap, not purchasing it would be a crime, and most wise shoppers are in agreement. Does this explain the frequency at which Zara products go viral? Most likely. 

If we were to make some predictions (which we love doing here at Who What Wear), we would place all our money on the 30 pairs of new fall Zara shoes ahead selling out at the speed of light either right now or in the coming weeks leading up to the shift of the season. If the idea of a closed-toe shoe freaks you out right now due to a massive amount of end-of-summer denial, we suggest you scroll through some of our fall trend content to get in the mood. Then shop your little heart out via the selection below. 

The color and shape of the moment.

Our editorial director Lauren recently wore these and now I’m convinced I need them, too.

Western boots are back in a huge way, just ask TikTok.

I might get flack for this, but I find these rubber clogs so chic.

There’s always one pair of boots that everyone and their mother gets from Zara for fall and winter. My bet’s on these.

Buy them for the Halloween costume, keep them for your going-out outfits.

These will look especially cool with relaxed trousers and a dad hat.

The perfect addition to any ’90s fall wardrobe.

PSA: Zara’s going all-in on the clog movement.

Looks like these are already selling out, so you better move quickly.

Big Rich Mom Energy over here.

I may or may not have already bought them.

Lug-sole loafers are the shoes every fashion person will be wearing this fall.

I like that these are a sleeker, more wearable version that taps into the Western boot craze.

Wait, these are so fun.

Can’t-go-wrong boots that will work for everyone. Need I say more?

That’s hot.

Extremely cool.

If you told me these were a vintage find, I’d 100% believe you.

These immediately reminded me of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and now I think I’ve dated myself.

Clogs are fully happening, ICYMI.

Leather ballet flats. That’s all.

I can’t tell if these are the best or worst things I’ve ever seen but I like that they’re keeping me on my toes.

Paging Olivia Rodrigo.

Give me everything in this color.

Summer shoe trend, fall finishing.

Ankle boots you’ll get a ton of wear out of but that don’t look like anything else you own.

The square toe makes these looks so much more expensive.

Meet the “ugly” shoes fashion insiders are backing.

Yes, please.

Up next, see how our editorial director is styling the 10 fall Zara picks that everyone’s talking about.

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