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If you want to see me at peak happiness, put me in a room with Amazon travel accessories and leave me there for an hour. I truly believe that the right travel accessories can make a journey significantly more pleasant. Amazon is a mecca for random stuff, and I always find things I didn’t even know existed but once I do, I don’t know how I traveled without them.

The catch is that there are an overwhelming number of things to choose from when you type in the words “travel accessories” in that trusty Amazon search box. But it was my pleasure to search through hundreds of them. The below items, along with more than a few that I can personally vouch for, are the fruits of my labor.

There are tons of uses for these bags but I find them to be especially great for travel.

Do yourself a favor and protect your toothbrush.

These eye patches are amazing—pop them on for 10 minutes and you’ll look incredibly refreshed (without even disturbing your makeup).

I was delighted to learn that collapsible water bottles are a thing (and they’re perfect for travel, for obvious reasons).

The only thing better than packing cubes is compression packing cubes.

I did my research and this seems to be the best of the affordable portable chargers.

These suit all skin types and cleanse, exfoliate, soothe, and hydrate in one fell swoop.

For glowy skin on the go.

I’ve been using this for years and couldn’t travel without it at this point.

Honestly, this tiny hairdryer is good enough to use at home as your primary hairdryer.

In a sea of black bags, yours will be a butterfly.

This genius little set slides onto your suitcase handle.

An obvious essential.

Why didn’t I think of this?

Your makeup brushes deserve to be pampered.

Genius for workout clothes and swimsuits.

Everything you need (well, hopefully you won’t need it) in one little pouch.

Your carry-on shall fall on the dirty airport floor no more.

For home and away.

If you’re traveling with a pet, you 1000% need this.

There’s a lot of terrible hotel lighting out there.

A lot cheaper than hotel laundry fees.

Because you don’t want to spend your precious trip time trying to find an umbrella to buy.

My favorite compression socks, hands down.

This tiny steamer comes highly recommended by your fellow Amazon shoppers.

These are pricey, but your hair will definitely thank you.

No more oversized bag fees for you.

This unfolds to be a sturdy, full-size laundry bag.

Cute is right.

Your neighbors will thank you for not turning on the overhead light.

Because hotels rarely provide enough hangers.

Next up, 7 packing mistakes stylish women never make.

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