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Fall shopping is my favorite shopping. By the time August rolls around, I’ve completely replaced shopping for swimsuits and shorts with shopping for sweaters. It’s usually basics I stock up on first, with jeans, sweaters, ankle boots, and versatile tops like plain turtlenecks always at the top of my list. And while I certainly wear those pieces often, it’s what I wear with them that I get most excited to shop for.

A few months ago, I did a story on all of the trendy updates I was shopping to wear with my summer basics, and here we are with the fall edition. I’ve been steadily shopping for cooler temperatures and have made a point to keep tabs on the best “trendy” wardrobe boosters to consider for the coming season. While I’d like to buy all of them, I’ll probably narrow it down to just a few, and perhaps I’ll inspire you to do the same.

Whatever your wardrobe needs may be for fall, there’s always room for some trendy updates, in my humble opinion. Scroll to shop some of my favorites.

Clogs are seriously about to be everywhere.

Imagine how cute this would look with a chocolate brown sweater.

I guess I’m just really into this color right now.

It’s the dolphin buttons for me (obviously).

Emi Jay makes the best claw clips, hands down.

I kind of want this in every color—but especially this pretty berry hue.

I like this even more than the white version.

Just add loafers (and the aforementioned tennis skirt).

The sunglass shape everyone is wearing these days.

This is already shaping up to be fall’s It sweater.

These are my new favorite sneakers and they’re perfect for fall.

The sweater sleeves trend is back, much to my delight.

I have no words for how cool these are.

Between the calf hair and the chain accent, I’m 100% sold.

I already ordered these, HBU?

Words can’t express how much I love this collab.

Talk about an outfit completer.

This would look so cool under a blazer (or on its own, obviously).

They look so much more expensive than they are.

Screen prints aren’t just for summer.

Good luck picking just one color in these.

Buzzy new bag brand alert!

I love the idea of wearing this cardigan as a dress with black tights.

These keep selling out, so don’t sleep on ’em.

Just one of the many Ganni jackets I want this fall.

Trendy, but also timeless.

Don’t retire the bucket hat trend just because the leaves are changing colors.

Such a unique take on the pearl trend.

The black version already sold out but these are just as good.

I expect to see this one all over the fashion month streets.

Your feet will thank you big time.

Next up, 7 fall trends our editors will wear next month.

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