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Welcome to the August edition of my favorite new home décor items of the month. I’m currently in the mood to spruce up my space for fall, and I’ve found all of my favorite new home arrivals for the season and put them in one easy-to-navigate place. That said, I prefer for my home décor to be appropriate for year-round use, so most of these pieces are potential permanent fixtures for your home.

fashion person’s home is an extension of their personal style, which the pandemic has really laid bare. With the constant presence of Instagram and TikTok, people are able to show off their homes more without actually showing them off IRL—hence the acute interest in stylish home décor in this day and age.

This month, I found lots of chic items that are also affordable, so that’s the theme we’re going with. As with fashion, why spend a ton when there are so many great affordable items to choose from? Below, you’ll find stylish pieces and many covetable wares that don’t require a ton of your hard-earned cash.

Busts have quickly become a major décor trend.

To complement all of your other retro gear.

Perfect for that summer-to-fall transition.

The brand that makes the world’s buzziest cooking pan just released this beautiful pot.

This vase will be sold out in no time.

The color combined with the handmade feel makes this cushion so special.

Just here to make your kitchen a happier place.

I kind of want to get a dog just so I can get this bed for it.

I’m ready to go on a picnic now.

If you’re a bath-taker, this tray is a must-have.

This looks so expensive.

Spruce up your bathroom.

This works for any décor style.

I’m finding this impossible to resist.

Infinitely useful when it comes to kitchen storage.

This is particularly expensive, but it makes up for it by being extremely chic. (Side note: I love this scent.)

This is giving me “Malibu beach house” vibes, and I like it.

So French.

The world’s most Instagrammable candle got an It-color makeover.

It’s the pearl accent for me.

It’s not for every décor style, but it is for some.

Click in to see how cool this looks around a drape.

Why? Because they’re pretty.

Small price, big impact.

Here’s that perfect funky vase you’ve been looking for.

I’m officially obsessed with this.

It’s the little things.

These will definitely come in handy.

Another day, another Assouline book I want.

This is my idea of nightstand décor.

Perfect for the modern abode.

ILY, Target.

Great for buying in bulk.

Next up, 8 Home Accessories Every Fashion Person Owns

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