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The first week of January was far from uneventful as headlines and viral stories flooded social media feeds. Yet what one probably wasn’t expecting was an off-kilter video that hit overnight viral fame: a clip of four women baring it all on TikTok in a one-minute clip.

The clip shows four women standing beside each other and giggling, slowly raising their tops as they showed off their breasts.

The original clip is no longer available on TikTok, presumably because it was in violation of TikTok’s guidelines that bans nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content.

The video first spread like wildfire in Indonesia, dubbed 4 Bersaudara (Four Sisters) as libidinous Indonesians shared and reposted the clip numerous times on their social media feeds, admiring the brazenness of their very own (presumably amid the country’s draconian anti-pornography laws).

The clip got so much airplay that it received extensive coverage by mainstream Indonesian media outlets, many of which wrote up very detailed play-by-plays and even teased links to the video.

It didn’t take long for the video to reach neighboring Philippines’ shores — but not before eventually sussing out that the “sisters” were not in fact Indonesian, but Filipino.

On Filipino TikTok, the video became known as apat na babae — literally translating to “four women.”

While a fair share of pervs were excited over a titillating “scandal,” others were not quite as pleased.

One even wrote a rap song that he addressed to “not just the four women, but to everyone who strips off their dignity.”

@.igorotagirlbaguio Ang awit na ito ay para sa 4 apat na babae na nag viral ngayong 2023 itong kanta NATO para sainyo SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW ME , #CTTO #godsMUSIC ♬ original sound – 💞igorota_girl_baguio💞

Others were just plain irked by the trend flooding their feeds.

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