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Nordstrom is constantly replenishing its products, and keeping up with each installment of new arrivals is essentially impossible. However, that’s what I’m here for. Besides the fact that it’s my job, I weirdly get so much satisfaction out of scrolling through all the new clothing at Nordstrom, from affordable finds to funky designer pieces. Naturally, I wanted you to join in on the shopping fun, which is why I shopped out 42 Nordstrom finds you would really only know about if you spent hours and hours scrolling like me. 

Below, get ready for a laundry list of new, cute things I am loving from the retailer, and brace yourself for the abnormally full online shopping cart you’re about to have. 

Hop on the vest trend ASAP. 

Are these perfect, or are these perfect? 

We might be biased, but these are the best knee-high boots around. 

These look ten times the price. 

Everyone needs a buttery bag in their life. 

This top is a show-stopper. 

You will wear these with everything, trust me. 

This suit looks designer. 

And these pants are begging to be worn with a simple tank. 

The definition of a versatile dress. 

We love a trendy basic. 

This scoop-neck is quite noteworthy. 

These are so chic. 

Novelty knits are always a good idea. 

Two tones are better than one. 

The number of ways you can style this basic skirt are endless. 

Wear these with jeans and a tee and call it a day. 

Comfortable yet chic. 

A structured shoulder can make all the difference to your outfit. 

Just buy them. 

Open backs only. 

How cute would these look with that dress up there? 

Someone get this dress on vacation ASAP! 

This would also look so cute with jeans. 

Maybe even these. 

Puffy sandals are just so cute. 

More knit tanks, please! 

The ways you can style this simple dress are truly endless.


A basic skirt that somehow looks anything but. 

This would look great styled under a big blazer or oversize button-down. 

This looks triple the price. 

The contrast stitching makes this feel special. 

Just the right amount of distressed. 

Dress these up or down with ease. 

Crochet is still trending. 

Comfortable and chic. 

Lounge around in style. 

And yes, these pants would go great with that cropped tank. 

This heel height is just right. 

Cozy and cute.  Next up, shop 9 of the biggest fall/winter 2021 trends.  This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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