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You probably already know the typical fall colors—brown, camel, maroon, etc.—and how to pair said color families quite easily. While those color combos are still as reliable as ever, I thought I’d direct your focus to some more exciting color combos I saw while looking through the latest slew of street style shots. Street style stars are known for taking more risks when it comes to fashion, so they’re always my main source of fashion inspiration when I feel like stepping outside of the box a little bit.

I hope you’re into bold greens, pinks, and reds because they’re featured quite prominently in this roundup of looks worn by the fashion set this season. Keep scrolling to see the innovative color combinations you’ll want to work into your wardrobe right about now and to shop a few new pieces while you’re at it. (Warning: Friends who are into minimalistic looks and color pairings, you might want to avert your eyes and check out this instead.)

If you’re looking for a juicy color palette that’s sure to pop, it’s kelly green and orange. It’s probably the most unexpected pair in this mix, but they just look so good together, don’t you think?

I often see red and black mixed together, so why not swap in brown for the fall? They’re both warm tones, so they’re bound to look good together. It’s like an apple pie in an outfit.

If you’re going to incorporate your neutral camel into an outfit, try pairing it with a bright hue like kelly green. Despite your camel pieces being wardrobe staples, this color pairing will add a trendy twist.

Red and pink are a color combination that seems to never go out of style. Every time I see it on a member of the fashion set, I feel the need to incorporate the romantic hues into my next colorful look.

I opt for this color combination quite a bit, and I need you to get on board. Green and black can give Wicked vibes, and brown tones down the bright green perfectly.

This duo was well-loved in the spring and summer months, but I think it’s just as good for the fall, too. When your outfit rotation starts to look a little too moody, brighten it up with this combo. Plus, lilac is trending hard this season.

If there’s an ultimate fall color combination, it’s this. Just looking at the outfit above reminds me of taking a walk through a park and eyeing the foliage. Olive green and rust are beautiful colors on their own, and together, they create fashion magic.

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