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Just like many of you took a break from wearing makeup during the last year and a half, I took a hiatus from wearing jewelry. I just didn’t see the point in busting out my favorite rings, earrings, and necklaces when I’m working from home and nobody could see them, and they felt too fussy to wear with my WFH sweatpants. Now, however, I’m ready to rekindle my love for jewelry as a fun, mood-enhancing accessory that always feels so personal. 

Below, I rounded up 7 jewelry trends I’ve been spotting in Los Angeles specifically, although these pieces can truly be worn anywhere in the world. Some trends are more maximalist while others will appeal to more subtle dressers, but I guarantee you’ll fin something you love. 

This trend is just so fun. The more the merrier, so don’t be afraid to pile on lots of chunky, colorful rings to make a statement. Bonus points for a coordinating manicure. 

Say my name. Emily Ratajkowski, pictured above, went all-in on the nameplate trend and wore one necklace with her son’s name and one inscribed with the word “mama.” How cute is that? 

As you slowly re-enter the going-out scene, consider trying a pair of rhinestone fringe earrings. They’ll look perfect with your favorite LBD for a night on the town. 

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