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Everyone knows that Nordstrom is our home base for those basic pieces that anchor our wardrobes. I’m talking about the leggings we wear to every yoga class, the ankle boots that we’ve worn to death, and the tees and tanks we reach for on the regular. While no closet feels complete without these nonnegotiables (they’re called essentials for a reason), today, I need to divert your attention to the trendier pieces the retailer has on offer right now. Specifically, the fall shoes. Quick shoutout to our Who What Wear line for serving up every good trend right now, all shoppable at Nordstrom.

Whether it be sleek ’90s-inspired knee-high boots, the new 2021 versions of flat mules or eye-catching animal prints, the fall shoe trends you’re about to see are striking a chord with me in a way no basic shoe ever could. Sorry, not sorry! These styles are really satisfying my itch to load up on the key trends coming down the pipeline this fall, and since I know you’re curious to see what’s making my heart flutter a little extra, I compiled a list of the shoes that are doing just that. Keep scrolling to get your fill of all the trendy goodness that awaits you. 

If you ask me, no fall wardrobe is complete with a pair of sleek ’90s-inspired knee-high boots. Wear them with mini skirts, wear with skinny jeans tucked in, or with flowy dresses layered over. You really can’t go wrong.

Fall ’21 might as well be the season of the loafer. The classic flats may be a timeless pick, but the grip they have on fashion right now is undeniable. Luckily for you, we made a pair that looks so elevated but won’t break the bank. You’re welcome.

House shoes are happening again this year but this time they come in sturdier shapes that are perfect for actually leaving the house. Pro tip: the cozy-cool sandals would make for the perfect travel shoes.

The shoe style that we were all wearing several years ago has been making its comeback this fall. Look for sleek and minimal versions that elevate the shape and go with everything.

There’s no doubt that black ankle boots are a fall staple, and one style I keep seeing—and wearing myself—year after year is combat boots. They’re an easy way to instantly toughen up and outfit and add a cool, forward edge.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good black shoe for fall, but there’s something about bold zebra prints that are really doing it for me lately. They make a cool statement without really trying but if you’re hesitant about wearing such a vibrant print, try it on one of fall’s most wearable shoes like flat ankle boots or low-heeled mules.

When you take any staple shoe like, say, a pair of classic ankle boots and add a square-toe detail, magic happens. It’s a subtle adjustment but makes any pair look so much fresher and more of the moment.

Flats are low-key having a renaissance right now and it’s all about modern updates that make them the cool option you’re excited to reach for.

Speaking of Nordstrom, these 30 basics are so good, they might just replace the ones in my closet

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