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British singer, Adele is on the headlines for turning on her own security for bothering a fan who turned up for her Las Vegas show this weekend.  Adele was about belt out “Water Under The Bridge” before an abrupt halt. She told her band to stand down as she addressed something out in the audience. The singer zeroed in on a man who was being hassled by security. She demanded to know what was going on/what he’d done. Adele noted that she noticed he’d been getting bothered by security almost the entire time she’d been on stage, and when she didn’t get an adequate response, she ordered the guards to leave the dude alone, noting he was just there to have fun as every other person.  The rest of the concert-goers were thrilled that Adele was defending her own and they cheered as she scolded the staff.   Adele stops performing at her Vegas residency to defend fan from a security guard. Pop Base (@PopBase) August 27, 2023 The post Adele yells at security to leave fan alone during Las Vegas show (video) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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