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Muslim netizens from far and wide have been condemning South Korean television music channel Mnet online and demanding an apology after it allegedly sampled and remixed the adhan (Islamic call to prayer) on its new dance competition program, Street Woman Fighter.

Hosted by Kpop singer Kang Daniel, Street Woman Fighter is a dance survival show that features eight all-female dance crews competing to be the best in South Korea. Netizens accused Mnet of using a remixed version of the adhan, which can be faintly heard in an intro of the show’s recent episode, as pointed out in the video below:

While the #MnetApologize hashtag has trended internationally as Muslims around the world voiced their displeasure, Indonesian netizens came up with #AdzanBukanMainan (adhan is not something to be toyed with), which has topped the country’s trending topics list on Twitter today.

Many netizens posted edited photos of Mnet’s headquarters being engulfed in fire, along with threatening memes featuring their Kpop idols.

Following the controversy, Mnet issued a public apology in Korean and English.

The TV station, which has broadcasted numerous popular talent survival shows such as Unpretty Rapstar and the Produce 101 series, claimed that the song used in the controversial opening is an officially registered track and was taken from an official streaming site. Mnet said it “did not hold any other intentions,” adding that it will replace the song before reuploading the video.

The song itself was released in 2010 by English band Losers, under the title Azan. The alt-rock/electronic trio has thus far largely escaped the brunt of the outrage and has not issued any statements regarding the controversy.

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This article, #AdzanBukanMainan: Indonesians incensed Islamic call to prayer sampled in South Korean dance show, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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