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Afrourbanplugg  – Afrourbanplugg Releases Stunning EP ‘Vibranium’

Afrourbanplugg – Afrourbanplugg Releases Stunning EP ‘Vibranium’

Afrourbanplugg Releases Stunning EP ‘Vibranium’

The visionary Afro-New Wave team latest brings vivid the Afro urban inner world to life, with hypnotic rhythms, psychedelic atmospheres, and most importantly, a fearless sense of self.

Since coining the phrase ‘Afro-New Wave,’ Afrourbanplugg has been steadily gaining momentum, building up an impressive discography of tracks that live up to his lofty ambitions. On the latest release, a major step has been taken to fully realizing the potential on six mesmerizing tracks.

Opening track ‘New Wave Daddy’ serves as a perfect introduction to the inner workings of the artist’s mind. A dark and moody backdrop allows for the team to seamlessly incorporate their hip-hop influences. Next is the title track, which blends traditional African percussion with new age soundscapes to terrific effect.

An album highlight arrives with ‘Gangsta Mama,’ a sensual and romantic production that will challenge listeners’ perceptions while still inspiring them to move their bodies. Each of these six tracks takes on a life of its own, allowing Afrourbanplugg to confidently create new worlds of music. ‘Vibranium’ is an album capable of altering the course of modern African music.


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