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A Premier League footballer was  caught having sex on private jet by flight attendant an air hostess working on private jets has revealed.

The attendant, named Lori, has detailed the times she crossed paths with a British footballer on board private aircraft during her decades working in the industry.

This includes the player, who she refused to name, stripping naked in front of her and her colleague walking in on him and his wife having sex on board a flight.

Lori has admitted she can understand the player’s antics as he and other players spend millions and millions of dollars” to fly with her company.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, she explained that the British footballer once asked her if he could change his pants on board a flight before “he got butt-ass naked right there in front of me.”

Lori claims that she had another run-in with the player when he and his wife boarded a private flight from New York to London after a night out.

When she tried to enter the back of the plane to check on the couple, a colleague told her that “they’re shagging in the back.”

Private jet for the rich and the loaded

She could understand the couple’s decision to have sex on board, though, and explained to that: “I don’t think that’s inappropriate personally, because they pay millions and millions of dollars.

The footballer also allegedly stripped naked in front of the flight attendant after asking to change his pants

“If I was them, and I was paying that amount of money, and I wanted to shag my husband, I would do it.”

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Nowadays, it is not just millionaire footballers that can join the Mile High Club on board private planes, with two US companies offering flights for £300 where sex is encouraged.

Flamingo Air and Love Cloud sell couples’ packages on private flights that last between 40 minutes and an hour and a half, with prices ranging from £300 to £1000.

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