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Covid-19 antigen self-test kits on sale at a pharmacy. — TODAY pic
Covid-19 antigen self-test kits on sale at a pharmacy. — TODAY pic

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SINGAPORE, July 26 — All households here will receive Covid-19 antigen rapid test kits that people may use on themselves at home.

Lawrence Wong, co-chair of the Government’s Covid-19 task force, announced this in Parliament today. He said that the test kits will first be distributed to households near markets where large clusters have been identified.

The distribution will then be expanded to other households, he said during his ministerial statement.

“There is no excuse not to be tested, since testing is now more affordable, accessible and convenient than it used to be,” Wong, who is also Finance Minister, said.

The self-test nasal-swab kits, he pointed out, are also widely available at all general retailers.

Wong said that the Government would also be rolling out new methods of testing including waste-water surveillance in housing estates, as well as breathalyser tests at Singapore’s checkpoints.

The breathalyser test will also be used in Parliament before each parliamentary session.

“Regular testing, and the social consciousness to get ourselves tested regularly, will protect us and keep us safe as we transit to the new normal,” he said. — TODAY

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