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All the Under-$100 Items in My Cart Right Now

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Last time I did this little roundup in August, summer was still top of mind and fall was more of an afterthought (given that it was over a month away and the temperatures weren’t even close to dropping). Today as we approach the mid-September mark, all I can think about are boots, pants, cardigans, and the fact that the weather here in NYC won’t be making it into the 80s for the foreseeable future. If it’s not abundantly clear, I’m excited, and this month’s under-$100 roundup shows it.

With that, below you’ll find the aforementioned items and so much more. From the dresses I can already tell will look so good with ankle boots to the simple-but-not-boring tops I’ll be wearing with jeans all season, just keep scrolling to see and shop all my under-$100 picks for the month of September—and, of course, the rest of fall.

How cool are you?!
I know you were eyeing it.
I won’t be over these until they’re actually mine.
Chunky boots are a must.
Belts make everything better.
How many cardigans is too many?
I love this shape and color so much.
And my fall shacket collection starts now.
I’m obsessed with the design of this little mini.
Actually, I want everything Girlfriend makes in this color.
Perfect sounds pretty accurate here.
This neckline is everything.
I am 1000% copying this outfit.
Am I the only one that suddenly feels like their closet is missing a pair of beige Vans? 
Cozy days are coming.
I love how this looks untied.
Wear it over anything from sweats to trousers.
What to wear with your jeans all season.
These are perfect.
Does it get any better?
There’s a subtle quality to fall-ready sunglasses and these have it.
It’s time to start collecting dresses that look good with boots—here’s your first.
This will be useful both at home and out.
The ultimate layering piece.
I may or may not have already bought this.
A square neckline makes anything better.
Choosing just one was too hard.
Fashion girls are loving this “grandpa” trend right now.
Not just another basic tank.
A perfect version of this wardrobe essential.
The second we get into the low 60s, this hat is having its moment.
Does it get better than this?
Just, yes.
This is timeless.
Time to swap some of your summery white tops for fall-ready black ones. 

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