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MELODYINTER is an online contest fully registered and accredited amongst social media online in which you and your family, relatives and friends, all contests would have the greatest privileged and opportunity to vote for each others through melody webpage created for the same purposes.

According to the CEO/Founder of MELODYINTER Olabiwonnu Oluwatosin Joseph says all friend, relatives and family would be allowed to vote as many as they wishes.

Saying further, in a statement issued by his media aide read that only three highest contestants would be awarded/win prizes monetarily.

What you need to do is simple, just alert your friends and families to proceeds in registration and to continue the voting as the registration fully commenced Sunday 17th, October to 31st, October 2021.

According to the organisers when engaging the media director says official voting date and duration starts Monday 1st of November to Friday 31st, December 2021 while rewards day/prizes scheduled Saturday 1st January, 2022.

Start your new year with cash rewarding at MelodyInter Contest


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