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Police in Bali have launched a probe into accusations that an alleged illegal immigrant assaulted and attempted to abduct an Indonesian woman, as outlined in a post that went viral over the weekend.

A photo of the foreign national, with details about his alleged misdeeds, has been widely shared across different social media platforms. The post appears to have been originally uploaded by the victim’s sibling, who said that the foreigner had beaten his sister, tried to kidnap her, and took IDR20 million (US$1,391) from her by threatening the victim with a knife. 

A photo showing the victim’s bruised face has also surfaced online.

The sibling wrote in the post that the victim escaped from the clutches of the alleged perp with the help of people at the scene who came to her rescue. 

The original post detailed that the man is from Nigeria and goes by the pseudonym Scott, adding that he is a hacker and an illegal immigrant. The post alleges that “Scott” is a scammer who tells his marks that he is rich in order to cozy up to them, before eventually robbing them of their money.

In this most recent case, the foreigner allegedly met with the victim and took her to an ATM. He threatened her with a knife as he ordered her to take out the cash that he eventually stole.

The North Kuta sub-precinct is handling the case, as confirmed by Badung Police spokesman I Ketut Sudana this morning. 

“We are still checking, the perpetrator has yet to be found,” Ketut told Coconuts.

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This article, Bali police looking for alleged illegal immigrant accused of threat, theft, and abduction attempt, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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