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Round face shapes are the best. (I say that with a little bit of bias because I have one.) A common myth people seem to like to reiterate, though, is that bangs just don’t look good on rounder face shapes. I’m here to tell you that’s completely false. Celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins has a thing or two to say about that. “Old-school culture dictates that everyone needs to have an oval face to appear classically beautiful. It’s giving Western standards of beauty,” he says. “Round faces, square faces, heart-shaped, oval—they’re all gorgeous! The kind of bangs you get should be based on your personal preference and how much time you’re willing to spend on styling.”

I’ve been looking for some bangs inspo lately to switch up my own look, and I figured stylists like Hawkins would be perfect to tap for advice. If you’re looking for the best haircut with bangs for a round face shape, keep scrolling. Advice from Hawkins and a few other trusted celebrity stylists is below.

If you have shorter, looser curls like Julia, wispy side bangs with a bit of volume on the top look completely stunning. Pro tip: Use extra hair spray to keep your cut and style in place.

Amy’s flipped-out bob adds so much texture and volume to the hair. This works so well for straighter, shorter hair types.

“If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, it might be time to try wavy or curly bangs,” says Hawkins. “This low-maintenance style is so cool, so effortless, and can give you a whole new vibe! Just be sure to cut your curly or wavy hair when it dries so it doesn’t shrink up!”

This long, almost shag-like cut with layers and bangs is really working for me. The short, piecey bangs are a nice touch, too, and look great on rounder face shapes.

If short bangs aren’t really your thing, go for longer, side-swept bangs or face-framing pieces. Celebrity stylist Jamie Wiley is a fan. “A great option [for round face shapes] is a full side swept fringe,” she says. “Creating length and texture will offset the roundness, so longer bangs and longer layers work best.”

Blunt, piecey bangs á la Rihanna are always in. I love how they balance out her face shape with a cut that hits just below the chin. It’s the perfect length for youthful-looking faces.

Although Sydney has more of an oval face shape, I still think this particular style would look gorgeous on rounder face shapes, too. The longer face-framing layers and classic-cut bangs are so universally flattering. To tame flyaways, try a smoothing pomade like R+Co’s Dart.

Wiley also thinks it’s a great idea to add height and volume at the root if you’re styling short hair with bangs. “If you wear a cropped style, think height, not width, when styling. Cutting above or below the jawline is ideal as it will offset the roundness [of your face]. If cutting right at the jawline, it will draw attention to it. So above or below is key and adding in waves or curls for added texture.”

“I personally like longer hair with just a little bit of layering around the face,” says celebrity stylist Laura Polko. “Especially with curly hair—really embrace the curls, have them shine, and have a lot of volume. Curly hair is really flattering on a round face. If people have a rounded face or more youthful baby face, curls are the best look! With the new T3 Singelpass Curl options, there is something for everyone. I really love the smallest size (the 0.5 inch) for touching up and enhancing natural curls.”

Polko also stresses the importance of one key styling hack. “Layering is super important for a round face shape, especially longer layers to create the illusion of a more oval face.” I love Emmanuelle’s mussed bangs and layers here. They look so effortlessly chic.

Wispy curtain bangs are also another great look for round face shapes, but they can be a little more high maintenance according to Hawkins. “They tend to get oily faster,” he says. Spraying dry shampoo like the SexyHair Laundry Day Dry Shampoo ($21) onto a brush and then brushing your fringe will soak up oils and give your bangs a much-needed lift! A curtain bang that’s a bit longer is a nice low maintenance change, too.”

And what about baby bangs? I’m here to make an argument fully in favor of round face shapes. It’s cute and adds just a touch of uniqueness without having to go all in on blunt or curtain bangs.

I’ll admit that a pixie cut with micro-bangs is bold. With the right stylist, though, you can make some magic happen for a rounder face shape.

Lengthy blunt bangs with a few longer pieces on the side really frame a round face. They also wear perfectly with a classic high bun.

Shorter layers with springy, curly bangs look so cute. Curls already have a lot of natural volume, so this cut looks extra special with a headband.

“I love a textured bang for a round face,” says celebrity stylist Jennifer Korab. “Texture is important to help diffuse the roundness and the length because it lays well above the eye area which can elongate the face instead of widening it.” Keep a texturizing product handy to make sure they stay in place.

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