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When it comes to FC Barcelona, the transfer market has not been the warmest with regards to sales. The Catalans have attempted year after year to get rid of Samuel Umtiti without success.

Now the Garnet and Blue are exploring more extreme measures. According to Pol Alonso, Joan Laporta and the Barça board are planning on cancelling the Frenchman’s contract if they cannot find him a club anytime soon.

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At 28 years of age, Umtiti is a footballer who was expected to be achieving his theoretical prime. Despite a brilliant year with Barcelona and the French national team, he succumbed to injury in the summer of 2018 and has never been the same since. From then on, injuries and inconsistency have been the norm.

Why do Barcelona want to get rid of him? Well, the Catalan giants consider him too much of a liability. Umtiti does not perform on a regular enough basis, and his salary is among the highest at the club.

As a club, Barça does not believe that there is any room for Umtiti to flourish in the team. They consider his inconsistency too much of a tactical liability to the team and understandably want nothing to do with him. He is at the bottom of the ladder in Barcelona, as even Xavi Hernandez seemingly does not consider him of any use to the team.

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The World Cup winner knows for a fact that he does not have any more of a chance to succeed at the club. Umtiti has been sidelined by the past three managers to lead Barcelona in the past three years.

He has made life difficult for himself, repeatedly refusing to join sides that wanted him and staying on the bench, either because they would not pay him his current wages or because they do not play Champions League football.

Ending a player’s contract in the manner Barcelona want to do is not common. Nevertheless, as the club already did it last summer with Matheus Fernandes, they would be willing to repeat the same if he does not find a club soon.

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