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Let’s just pretend for a second that every Chanel beauty product isn’t completely iconic—I know, it’s hard. Even beauty editors have a tough time vetting— Chanel truly creates formulas that are universally flattering, designed for longer wear, and allow you to create a flawless look in mere minutes.

Now, before the overwhelm sets in and you add 50 things to your cart, take a pause. I wouldn’t leave you in suspense here, that’s not how I like to operate. I asked my fellow editors to share what Chanel products they can truly never go without because, honestly, who would know better? And to no one’s surprise, it’s a hefty list. It may still be a stressful task trying to narrow down your favorites, but this will at least give you a starting point. Behold, the best editor-approved Chanel makeup products. For all their fabulous picks, keep scrolling below.

“I feel like every single makeup artist on earth keeps this award-winning bronzer in their kit. It’s creamy, so blendable, and super easy to build and layer without ever looking cakey or orange. You can use it to contour, or try swirling it around the high points of your face to add a touch of sun-kissed color.”

“I’ve been a fan of this lightweight foundation since college, and it’s always one of the first formulas I recommend when someone wants a light dose of coverage that feels super weightless on the skin. I love the added benefit of SPF protection and the subtle luminous finish is so flattering. (It’s great for photos!)”

“This is one of my favorite mascaras of all time! Every time I use it after I’ve taken a break for whatever reason, I wonder why I ever stopped. It packs on the volume, curl, and length without ever getting clumpy, overly wet, or heavy. I’m a huge lash girl (it’s my favorite feature to play up), and this is the formula I rely on when I want the exaggerated doll lashes of my dreams.”

“My aunt used to work for Chanel makeup and would send me boxes full of products. This has been a favorite since. I just love the combination of shades. Not only are they pigment-rich, but you can [also] create an eye look for just about anything. Use the lighter shades for something soft and subtle during the day and intensify it with the darker shades at night.”

“Honestly, this is my favorite eyeliner. It really makes my eyes pop and I love adding a bit to my top lash line and smudging it out with a brush.”

“I’m obsessed with this stick. It’s a very sophisticated highlighter—just the right amount of sheen and no large chunks of glitter. It’s hydrating, sheer, and delivers a seriously fresh, dewy glow every time I use it. I like to add a bit to the tops of my cheekbones, forehead, down the bridge of my nose, and on my Cupid’s bow so the light catches me from every angle possible.”

“I’m a total lip-balm girl, and while this isn’t formulated with anything out of the ordinary, it does keep my lips soft and moisturized. Plus, it’s always fun to pull a little Chanel out throughout the day.”

“I’d never been much of a blush person until I found this blush. It’s that ever-elusive petal-pink flush that makes me look like a rosy cherub instead of a regular human girl. Think a pinched-pink, natural dose of color to add dimension and life to your skin. I wear it daily, sometimes with nothing else on.”

“While I wasn’t a blush person until recently, I’ve always been devoted to a classic red lip and it doesn’t get more classic than Chanel. My favorite is this warm siren-red. It’s matte, bright, and light as air on the lip. Wear it with a skin tint, lengthening mascara, and confidence. It’s perfect.

“If you’re looking for something similar and covetable for the holidays, the brand’s Limited-Edition Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Indépendante is like creamy red satin and equally beautiful.”

“I like my cheekbones to give off the sheen of a freshly peeled egg, and this highlighter does just that whenever I use it—which is pretty much every day. Trust me when I say that I’ve tried every highlighter under the sun—liquid, balm, powder, gel—and none come close to giving the fresh and dewy (but not too dewy) effect this Chanel stick does. I like the shade Transparent because it’s truly crystal-clear (no glitter or shimmer, so it really just looks like your skin is healthy and flushed from within). It’s my easy shortcut for days when I wake up with dull-looking skin.”

“This is my trusty smoky-eye in a stick. I swipe it across my eyelid after I’ve applied eyeliner and eye shadow, blend it out with my fingers, and I instantly have an elevated-looking smoky eye.”

“The formula of these matte lipsticks is velvet-soft and non-drying, so you don’t have to worry about your lips feeling chapped after applying. I have a number of these in my bags at all times, but lately, Extrême is my go-to for fall—one swipe of the moody red and I feel instantly put-together.”

“This mascara is one of my favorites. It boosts the volume and length of my lashes with just a few coats, which means way less clumping compared to others I’ve used in the past. Since it also has an extra-rich pigment, this mascara helps my eyes pop whether I wear it alone or with a full-blown eye shadow–and-liner look.”

“This moisturizing lipstick is another of my beauty favorites from the brand. It has a creamy, lightweight finish that doesn’t make me hyper-aware that I’m wearing lipstick, which I love, since I typically go for a five-minute face these days. I’m a fan of Adrienne in particular since the pinky-nude shade gives me a more natural ‘my lips but better’ look.”

“To me, owning a Chanel lipstick feels like a rite of passage—almost like your first pair of nice heels. I’m a red lipstick lover through and through, and Chanel’s new shade does everything I look for in a good red. It’s perfectly balanced by not leaning too blue or too orange, and it’s matte but not too matte, which gives it the feeling of a second skin.”

“The key behind the perfect red lip? A good lip pencil. Honestly, I’m lazy when it comes to lip pencils. I have no patience for trying to match a pencil to the lip color I’m wearing. I just want a lip pencil that’s grippy and stops my lip color from bleeding, which is why I always reach for this clear lip pencil before I put on an intense lip color. It’s truly the secret to lipstick that lasts for hours and doesn’t feather out of your lip line.”

“I like lightweight foundations that cover what I need them to but also look like I’m not really wearing foundation, which is actually really hard to come by. I like this one because it does that and so much more—it delivers a radiant finish and also helps hydrate the skin.”

Having a solid base for your foundation is absolutely everything. I’m pretty picky about my primers, but this is hands-down one of the best I have ever used. It’s oil-free and just adds the perfect iridescent glow to my foundation on days I feel like my complexion is looking a little dull.

I’m a sucker for a good highlight, so I had to get my hands on this limited edition one as soon as it launched. It didn’t disappoint—it’s perfect for those days you want to add just a hair of something extra without looking over the top. 

This cream shadow is the most gorgeous shade of burnt umber I’ve ever seen. I just dab a bit on my eyelids before heading out the door every day—it doesn’t even need a base underneath. 

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