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As a fashion editor who is very much obsessed with accessory trends, I’ve had my eye on which ones celebrities are wearing first, and Bella Hadid is always a great one to start with. Hadid isn’t one to ever shy away from laying them on, no matter how simple or not-so-simple her outfit already is.  

While out to dinner in London this week, Hadid wore a casual, trend-forward outfit consisting of a leather (or faux leather) jacket, oversized blazer, T-shirt, black trousers, and Adidas sneakers. But when I saw the photos, my eyes went straight to her head. Hadid wore what’s shaping up to be fall’s biggest accessory trend (which actually started this summer): a kerchief. Kerchiefs have been all over my Instagram feed and were all over the season’s runways, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s on the radar of Bella Hadid. In particular, I love to see how Hadid styled it for fall, opting for a seasonally appropriate plaid version.

Scroll on to spy the trend on Hadid and shop fall kerchiefs for yourself, all of which are under $50. 

On Bella Hadid: Adidas Samba Sneakers ($70)

Next up, 31 trendy updates I’m shopping to wear with my basics this fall.

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