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A condo dweller unleashed her frustration today after running up against its strict rules forbidding dogs in common areas.

The woman, who just rented a unit at Belmond Green on Balmoral Road, told Coconuts today that a house rule that canine companions can only enter or exit via the parking basement does not exist despite being cited in a warning letter. 

“I went to check the documents of house rules and by laws on the condo app and was not able to find any rule that relates to not using the level 1 lobby or restrictions on using the level 1 path,” said the 35-year-old, who refused to give more than her last name, Heflin.

This past weekend she posted the warning letter from Savills Property Management, which said dogs were not permitted in the ground floor lift lobbies due to complaints from children and Muslim residents. It threatened her with an undisclosed fine if she breached the rule. 

“You will appreciate that we have received feedback with serious concerns from residents especially children and [M]uslim who fear presence or closeness of dogs,” the letter read. “Thus, for those recalcitrant, the management will have no alternative but proceed without any hesitation will appropriate Enforcement actions which all cost, fees and expenses incurred will be borne by the offenders on a full indemnity basis.”

While rules on pets are common, they are traditionally allowed to pass through Singapore’s multi-family residences. 

The management company has not responded since yesterday to messages seeking comment.

One person commented on Heflin’s post to say the company shouldn’t blame faith for its dog decree:

“Don’t give our Muslim friends a bad name like they make it so difficult for dog lovers. They are mostly accepting, non-muslims overreact.”

Heflin said the pedestrian route in the basement is not safe as it passes cars and ramps, and her 10-year-old Singapore Special has become “stressed out” during walks. She said the mongrel is leashed when taken out twice a day, not aggressive and gets along with her 5-year-old child. 

She added that while she has yet to mingle with other dog-owning residents, she has noticed that they were “fearful” of bumping into others.

“My hope for this to have more light out there is a) don’t use the excuse of young children and Muslims to carry out this unreasonable vendetta. b) if the house rule is indeed to use the carpark to walk out, there should be a safe pedestrian route to take but there is not. also, this is not in the house rule and to send such a threatening letter is inexcusable,” she said.

This is not the first unusual rule Savills Property Management has imposed on a property that riled Singapore. Just last week, it was flagged for requesting only “Chinese-speaking” security guards at the Hillview Heights condo.

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This article, Beloved Singapore mutt ‘stressed out’ by fancy condo’s anti-dog policy, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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