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Listen carefully and you can probably hear someone in your part of Bangkok playing it.

Just before noon, the K-pop giants dropped a new track that is all about its popular Thai member, and it’s already been watched 11 million times in under two hours.

Why is Lisa threatening gun violence? Why is her lip syncing entirely out of sync? Too many questions already, we’ve got another hit here, people.

‘Protect it like a barrier
Promise there’s nothing scarier
Than me if anybody coming gunnin for my man
Gonna catch a case
Gun up in my hand
Bam bam bam
Hit after hit though
Rocks in my wrist so I call em the flintstones
Ring the alarm
Say Lalisa love me Lalisa love me
Call me Lalisa love me Lalisa love me’


Bangkok park designer, Lisa Blackpink represent Thailand in Time’s ‘100 Next’

Bangkok fans erupt after Blackpink teases June single

This article, Blackpink’s Lisa makes Thailand proud again with ‘Lalisa’ (Video), originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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