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Anthony Joshua is sounding like he’s flipped his lid, talking about wanting a “straight war” war with Oleksandr Usyk in their rematch next year, and willing to throw him on the canvas if need be

Joshua seems to have snapped, coming across in an interview on Tuesday sounding brutal and remorseless.

The horrors of Joshua’s September 25th loss to Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs) have tormented him to the point where he’s revealing a hidden side of his nature that is totally unlike the person we knew before.

AJ is going through a rough period after losing another fight and watching his career deteriorate rapidly. Gilfoid doesn’t know if Joshua will have greater success against Usyk fighting on emotion rather than his intellect, but he might as well.

Joshua has lost 2 out of his last three fights since 2019, and he sounds utterly desperate to try and get a victory.

Joshua will be adding an American coach to his training team, and presumably, it’s someone who knows how to teach roughhousing tactics. The roughhousing tactics would appear to be Joshua’s Plan-A for his rematch with Usyk.

“I’m done with f***ing losing. I’m done with trying to learn the sweet science. He [Usyk] might get thrown on the floor in the next fight because this is war,” Joshua said of Usyk.

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“It’s just straight war, I’m annoyed. I’m boiling up even speaking about it – it’s that passion to win. Stay hungry, f*** being humble,” said Joshua.

Wow, talk about someone going off the deep end. Joshua sounds like he’s out in left field, desperate and ready to try anything to get a win over the talented 2012 Olympic gold medalist Usyk.

We saw what happened to Joshua last time when he tried to outbox Usyk. What’s the use of Joshua going back to that same approach when he’s probably going to get the same results, which would be another fat loss.

Joshua doesn’t sound like he wants to play nice with Usyk in the rematch. Hopefully, there’s a good referee on duty on the night that can help Usyk out if Joshua loses it entirely and starts tossing him around the ring WWE style.

Joshua sounds disillusioned with the idea of fighting as he’d always done in the past, and he’s ready to make a deal with his lower self to try and win at all costs.

The mental anguish from Joshua’s loss to Usyk has weighed so heavily on him that it’s crushed every ounce of the AJ that we once knew.

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