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Heavy rain is seen in Kampung Jongok Batu, Dungun January 2, 2022. — Bernama pic
Heavy rain is seen in Kampung Jongok Batu, Dungun January 2, 2022. — Bernama pic

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SEPANG, Jan 3 — With the grey skies still opening up, most of the traumatised residents at Kampung Bukit Changgang in Kuala Langat here now worry about the breached bund of a nearby river early this morning, fearing that another tide of flooding will be unleashed.

Although the bund in question suffered only minor damage, it was enough to send ripples of fear through the residents of Rancangan Tanah Baharu (RTB) Bukit Changgang and Labohan Dagang.

A survey by Bernama found that the situation around Bukit Changgang, RTB Bukit Changgang and Labohan Dagang was under control, but the residents, though, were not so convinced.

A resident of Kampung RTB Bukit Changgang, Mohd Rosli Adzruan, 45, said he heard from a neighbour that an embankment was breached and started getting ready in case water started to seep into the house.

“I kept nagging my family to pack their clothes for fear of water rising again but, God-willing, so far there is no sign,” he said when met by Bernama here today.

Rosli, who works as a labourer, said he and his family still did not have time to clean their house which was ravaged by last week’s flood.

For Adilah Matsapar, 29, the incident of a broken bund and the high tide phenomenon has made her lose sleep since yesterday.

“I am really traumatised. That day the water rose so fast from knee-high to chin level. So, I am really traumatised, more so every time it rains,” she said.

Reportedly, Selangor Irrigation and Drainage Department (JPS) deputy director (Development) Mohd Nazri Yasmin said the two bunds that were allegedly broken actually suffered only minor damage and they had finished repairing the one in Labohan Dagang while work to repair the bund at RTB Bukit Changgang was expected to be completed this afternoon.

Kuala Langat is among the areas in Selangor warned to be on the alert following the high tide phenomenon that was expected to occur for four days starting yesterday.

According to the Kuala Langat Municipal Council, only two temporary evacuation centres (PPS) were operational in the district, namely the Kampung Kelanang Public Hall and Kampung Banting Community Hall.

In Dengkil, near Sepang, fear and trauma also prevailed among residents in Taman Baiduri, when gazing at non-stop torrential rain over last weekend until early yesterday morning.

Their fears were confirmed when the flood recurred yesterday at about 1 am to as deep as one foot (0.3 metres) but they had time to save important items and documents.

A retiree, Tyat Wah Wah, 76, said although the flooding was not as severe as the one on December 18, they were still worn out by trauma and fatigue.

“Previously, (the December 18 flood) the water rose as high as eight feet (2.4 metres), and we had to scurry to the top floor of the house. This time it was not bad but we are tired of washing everything again,” the senior citizen told Bernama when met today.

Taman Baiduri is one of the places often affected by floods due to its location near a river.

Another resident, Supianto Ibrahim, 39, said he and his family had just finished washing and drying items from the December 18 floods but recurrent flooding in less than three weeks has given him second thoughts about cleaning up this time.

“My house is located at the far end of this housing park and is the lowest area that is easily flooded. Usually, it will flood two or three times a year.

“But the December 18 flood was the worst. All the electrical items in the house are damaged beyond repair. Now the water that rose to thigh level has started to recede. I hope it doesn’t pour again,” said Supianto, who is from Sumbawa, Indonesia.

A survey by Bernama also found floodwater receding while residents were seen mopping up belongings and courtyards.

Meanwhile, a resident known as ‘Awang’ expressed his disappointment at the flood warning siren located nearby which has not stirred for a long time.

“Even during the flood that day (December 18), the siren did not function. If we had known in advance, maybe we could be better prepared even though we are used to the flood situation here. I hope the authorities can fix it as soon as possible,” he said. — Bernama

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