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Wolves boss, Bruno Lage, has laid down a challenge to his players.

Despite being a very pleasant man in his dealings with the media and supporters, Lage is not afraid to put his foot down with his players.

Lage was recently asked during a news conference what he expects from his troops, who are currently in 11th position in the Premier League.

The Portuguese told the Express & Star: “I don’t want anything from my players that I don’t want for me.

“If you look at my career 20 years ago and now, it’s come from hard work and the mentality that I want more for me. Even now I want more for me and for the guys that work with me. I asked all my players after the game at Leeds, ‘why don’t you play more for your national team?’

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“Sometimes they need to listen to some truth to be better. I don’t want to say names, but why do some of my players go to the national team and not play.

“That is the standard. We need to be better every day. If they are better every day, I will be better every day and the club will be better every day.

“I don’t want anyone comfortable with their own careers. If they are comfortable at Wolves then they are going to the national team and watching other guys playing. Why? Work hard, improve and get your minutes.

“It’s a small career so why are you comfortable with what you have? More, more, more. That’s what I want for everyone.

“The standards will be here every time. As long as I’m here, I don’t care if they’re 35 or 19, the standards should be here to improve. They need to give more every day.

“That comes with ambition and mentality. I don’t want anyone comfortable, I want more and more from my players.

“Then I will be proud on the couch watching them playing for their national team.”

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