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Many of us have experienced this terrifying bit of public embarrassment. You brush your hands through your hair only to be greeted by a mortifying plume of dandruff flakes wafting through the air all around you. Big yikes. Give your hair an extra shampoo the next day? Same problem. The reality is there are so many scalp conditions that contribute to dandruff, scalp oiliness or dryness, scalp acne, scalp sensitivity, and scalp aging — it’s all pretty mind-numbing and hard to get to the root cause of your specific issue. All of which can cause pain, discomfort and just not make you feel like you’re at your best. 

PHS HAIRSCIENCE, which has four branches across Singapore in Ngee Ann City, Plaza Singapura, Wheelock Place, and Bedok Mall, just launched the H2 Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment (H2ASRT)— a new remedy to help combat all of these issues in a powerful way. The process uses molecular hydrogen (no, that’s not rocket fuel) that penetrates the deepest levels of your scalp to purify follicle cells, eliminate free radicals and reduce oxidative damage—all of which are nightmares for your scalp.

Although the tech is pretty space age-sounding, the actual procedure feels more like a relaxing hair spa experience. The treatment starts with a scalp scan and analysis in which the staff, including you, check the actual condition of your scalp through a screen to determine the underlying issues. Then you get a relaxing scalp and neck massage before getting your hair and scalp washed and doubled cleansed with two shampoos— starting with ADV Nutrition shampoo, followed by a second correcting shampoo tailored to your scalp condition. It’s minty, fresh, and leaves your hair feeling clean but not squeaky clean and stripped of moisture (you don’t want that).

Next is the main event: the hydro cleansing to purify your follicle cells. This is where the advanced tech starts coming into play, but experience-wise feels more like a gust of water scrubbing your head—pretty nice, to be honest.  After that, a scalp mask which is tailored to your scalp condition is applied to your scalp, which is then bathed with infrared light. The mask helps with overall scalp health while the infrared light does a deep dive into the skin to kill bacteria and energize skin cells. Once that’s done you get a spritz of hydrogen ampoules, again depending on the scalp type, to help give your skin a bit of a boost. The scalp massage that follows includes a serum that helps to sustain the nourishing benefits of the whole treatment.

After a quick blow-dry and a bit of styling, you are ready to take on the day with luxurious, voluminous hair after 90 minutes of rejuvenating scalp treatment.

H2ASRT is available in six variants for different scalp conditions: dandruff, dryness, sensitivity, oily and acne-prone scalp, combination scalp (a mixture of oily and dry skin), and anti-aging to help refresh skin cells on your head. It’s not just soothing but also protects the scalp from inflammation, irritation, and future bacterial infection.

For more information, or to sign up for a trial run, check out the website here.

This article, Cell-abrate the end of your flaky scalp nightmares with this space-age treatment, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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