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Singapore’s Ministry of Education is embracing the artificial intelligence tools that are taking the internet by storm.

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said in Parliament today that the ministry will be guiding teachers in schools on how to use viral tools like ChatGPT, a next-gen chatbot from OpenAI.

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He was responding to questions surrounding the potential abuse of AI tools in schools, which have been used for academically dishonest purposes internationally such as plagiarism and cheating. 

But Chan said that instead of banning them, the ministry will equip students with the skills to use them responsibly. 

He said that ChatGPT, in particular, could be useful for learning if students have mastered the basic fundamental concepts of AI.

Chan said there are groups among educators discussing how best to use AI tools. 

Still, students will not be taught to rely on them, Chan added.

In response to measures against cheating, Chan said there is academic work that AI cannot generate accurately such as analysis, field notes and observational details. Also, in time there will be more tools that will help detect content generated by AI.

ChatGPT was launched in November last year and has made headlines for “passing” Wharton’s MBA exam, law school exams, and even the US medical licensing exam

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