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A cat-like creature literally “dropped in” on a family’s home Tuesday morning and proceeded to invade one of their appliances.

Darren Teo told Coconuts today that his brother’s family was “thrilled” to find an Asian palm civet in their Tangerine Grove home in Paya Lebar and welcomed it with treats, only to have it defecate all over.

​​”Family was thrilled. Fed the civet cat with their [3-year-old] son’s favourite banana and it pooped all over,” he wrote. 

The civet arrived dramatically when it fell through the ceiling into the family’s kitchen, according to images capturing the moment. He was later found in the washing machine by animal rescuers. 

“The washing machine is a nice shiny cave that smells good to hide don’t you think?” Teo said in a message.

In the security footage, the civet looked as if it was running away from something outside of frame. While that could have been the family’s poodle, Teo said it was too much of a “scaredy cat” to do so.

Teo said they called Acres Wildlife Rescue immediately, and it only took them five minutes to save it from the washing machine.

While it’s hard to resist feeding a cute cat-alike, it’s best not to give any food to wildlife.

One thing that some people feed Asian palm civets, aka musang, is coffee beans, which are then pooped out and used to make Kopi Luwak, an Indonesian variety of coffee.

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This article, Civet falls through ceiling into Singapore condo, hides in washing machine, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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