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Drivers may sometimes get away with breaking traffic laws, but not one in Bugis who was either oblivious to the police car in his blind spot – or just had balls of steel.

That’s what went down on Ophir Road, where a grey hatchback ran a red light in plain view of a police car, footage of which surfaced Tuesday. The incident happened at around 10pm on Saturday, according to the timestamp in the video posted by Facebook user Amir Abu Adam. 

“Police: Why you drive through the red light? Driver: I’m sorry, I didn’t realised you were there (police)!” he wrote. 

After rolling through the intersection, the driver moved into the left lane, placing him conveniently in front of the police car, which gave pursuit.

Those who reacted to the video theorized that the driver either panicked after seeing the police or mistook the green light at the next intersection as a cue to go. 

“Feeling too stressful with the police car beside,” Nancy Ng wrote online. 

“[T]here’s a good chance he saw the light ahead and didn’t realize it was the wrong light,” Redditor Makiwawa said.

It reminded others of a 2017 clip of a driver running a red light in front of two motorcycle cops, who traded puzzled looks before giving chase. 

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