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One of the very few shining lights that the pandemic has brought to the world is the realization that, honestly, you don’t need to come into the office all the time to get your job done in most cases (sorry, boss). But let’s be honest here, occasional office trips for meetings, brainstorms or just to be in a team atmosphere to shoot ideas back and forth. Or maybe you are working at a remote company and want a separate workspace from where you spend your leisure time. 

Lots of companies are moving to hybrid work-from-home and working from the office arrangements — and companies rejecting this are quickly seeing workers go elsewhere. 

There are a lot of co-working spaces in Bangkok that are perfect for this purpose. One of the swankier ones is The Great Room at Gaysorn Tower — shouldn’t be too surprising considering it’s one of the chicest office spaces in Bangkok. 

Sitting on levels 25-26, the first thing you notice when you walk in is the incredible panorama view of metro Bangkok among the wide-open common area. Plush leather sofas and one-on-one seating nooks fill most of the main room and make for great client meetings or just a place to relax and grab a coffee. The interior matches the whole Gaysorn Tower vibe, too, with marble countertops, brass-accented side tables and exposed pipes along the ceiling. There’s also plenty of smaller nooks hidden throughout the office space hallways if you need to have a more semi-private chat. 

There are four main packages you can take advantage of here depending on your needs. If you want a dedicated office, with floor-to-ceiling windows that fill the room with natural light, membership fees start at THB 29,000/month (enough for two people) and go up in price as you need more space (up to 20). For a big company, say 70 people, you can even rent out a beautiful corner space. 

What a lot of people start with is a hot desk — post up on a counter, plug in your laptop and go. These are usually best for solo workers, and at The Great Room a THB 8,000/month membership gets you meeting room, printing and copy credits on top of exclusive membership perks. They are all in the open area as well, so who knows, maybe you will meet some like-minded folks while you are there. 

Just want to drop in whenever? Day passes will run you THB 950 per day and give you access to the main Workhall, communal areas, private phone booths, high-speed WiFi and artisanal coffee. 

One of the cooler features for you side hustlers out there is the virtual office membership. These allow you to open a commercial mailing address with The Great Room without the overheads of physical space — work from home, but your business address is here. 
Tempted? Check out more on the official website or reach out on LINE.

This article, Co-working spaces are looking more attractive these days. Here’s a glitzy one in downtown Bangkok to whet your palate, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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