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The residents of Nusa Lembongan are raising concerns over possible reef damage with a massive industrial barge being stranded off the island for weeks.

In mid-September, a barge carrying supplies to build a new tourist harbor on the island reportedly parted from its tug after a huge wave, causing it to wash aground. 

“That happened in mid-September but it’s being let afloat without much clarity [on what’s going to happen next]. We are afraid that it will damage more reefs in the area,” Nusa Lembongan resident, I Nyoman Karyawan, told Kumparan today.

With reef restoration projects currently underway, local residents like Karyawan are hoping that authorities will work to evacuate the barge away.

Meanwhile, a surfer from nearby Nusa Penida, Wayan Lena, also said the barge poses some risks for water sports in the area, and may even impact marine tourism. 

According to reports, officials from the Bali Provincial Government have already issued a letter of warning, urging owners of the barge to evacuate the ship to a safer location. 

Despite those concerns, some surfers are “enjoying the wedge that bounces off the barge,” according to an article from surf forecast website Magic Seaweed, which quoted a local surfer describing the surf break from the barge running aground as “a wave pool.” 

This article, Concerns rise for reef damage in Nusa Lembongan due to stranded industrial barge, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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