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Conjoined twins, 22-year-old Lupita and Carmen Andrade, have opened up about their dating lives revealing how one sibling found love with a boyfriend of two years while the other identifies as asexual. They recently spoke about what its like to live their lives fused together and the common misconceptions about their dating lives and beyond. The twins, who were born in Mexico but grew up in Connecticut, share a pelvis, a reproductive system, a liver and a bloodstream, they told They each have one leg; Carmen controls the right one and Lupita the left.  Its not all rainbows and sunshine. Weve had a lot of challenges, but we have a great life, Carmen told the outlet. We go to movies and concerts [sharing one seat] and we travel on airplanes. They explained that they have never tried to have a surgery that would separate them, as it could be fatal for one or even both of them. When they were little, they had physical therapy to learn how to sit up and work their legs. They took their first steps when they were 4 years old. But when it comes to dating, they have a bit of a different outlook. Carmen has a boyfriend named Daniel, while Lupita is asexual.  I never tried to hide the fact that Im a conjoined twin, which meant I got a lot of messages from guys with fetishes, Carmen told the outlet. Carmen met her boyfriend on the dating app Hinge in October 2020, and she said that he set himself apart by not asking her a question about being a conjoined twin to start off their conversation. Even though she and Daniel are dating, Carmen said they are not sexually intimate with each other.  During an interview last year with Jubilee, she described their bond as more of a close friendship.  The two have talked about getting engaged in the future, but they want to live together first. Caren said: Daniel and I love kids, but we dont want any of our own. I like being a dog mom! Lupita and I cant get pregnant, we have endometriosis and were also on a hormone blocker that prevents us from menstruating. Although Lupita isnt dating Daniel, Carmen says the two get along really well. Its funny because I stay up later than Lupita, but when Daniel sleeps over, I fall asleep quickly and he stays up talking with her, Carmen told Today.  She continued, Sometimes I feel bad because I want to spend so much time with Daniel. So we try to come up with compromises. Like, [Lupita] will choose where we go out to dinner, or what activity were going to do. While they may differ in dating, they are very similar in a lot of other areas, like their career aspirations.   The two both want to work in the veterinarian industry, and Lupita has hopes of becoming a comedy writer as well. Carmen explained that she and Lupita have the same taste in attire and that one of their neighbours has even been sewing their clothes together since they were 5 years old. However, the twins make an effort to try and have their own unique looks. For example, Carmen has a septum piercing in her nose. The two can also literally feel each others feelings. I can feel when Carmen is anxious or about to cry, Lupita revealed. Its that same stomach drop.  When we were nearly 6, we had a nightmare that we were going to fall off of a plane, and then we literally fell off of our bed, Carmen explained. That only happened once, but we can feel the other persons emotions. That happens all the time. Carmen and Lupita admitted that they dont get sick of each other. At the end of a long day, they usually do their own things. For example, Carmen will do some schoolwork and Lupita will listen to music. Despite their unconventional life, the two are happy just the same. They recall having a very joyful childhood and the same group of friends since they were young.The post Conjoined twins who are attached at the torso and share a reproductive system open up about their dating lives appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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