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A farmer in the barangay (village) of Calamagui in San Pablo, Isabela, just lost months’ worth of hard work after he found that his entire corn harvest had been turned to cinders by unidentified suspects.

The farmer, identified as Elizardo Mallari, reportedly left his harvest out in the field to be taken to a threshing facility the following day. When he returned in the morning, he found mounds of cobs reduced to ashes.

The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Region 2 posted photos and a video of the aftermath.

Mallari is reportedly demoralized over the situation and cannot imagine how somebody would have the heart to do such a thing.

He also said that he was unsure how he could recover from this tragic incident after having invested money into tilling the land, purchasing the seeds, as well as paying other farmers to help harvest his crops.

The farmer said that he hopes authorities find the perpetrators and has called for assistance from government agencies to help him recuperate his losses.

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