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Mysterious markings outside flats in a Quarry Bay housing estate are triggering fears among residents that burglars are targeting their homes.

Former Eastern District councilor Derek Ngai posted pictures on Facebook Wednesday of small insignia scrawled next to doorbells outside homes at Nan Fung Sun Chuen.

The photos show tiny ticks, seemingly scrawled with a ballpoint pen, on the walls.

“A number of unknown markings have been drawn by the doorbell of Nan Fung Sun Chuen flats,” the post read. “It’s unclear if it’s a practical joke or motivated.”

In a Facebook group for residents of the estate, users shared photos of the markings outside their door.

“A while ago, it used to always seem like someone was trying to open my door, but when I went out, no one was there… I suspect that the tick means they were able to open the door,” one person wrote.

Another recalled an incident three or four months ago when a man pressed his doorbell twice. When the Facebook user came to the door, the man said he had left something in the flat, then later said he had gotten the wrong unit and walked away.

It’s not the first time that residents have noted cryptic markings outside their door, and in some instances, they have been linked to burglaries. In April, a woman whose flat in Ma On Shan was broken into said somebody had earlier left a mysterious “X” by her front door.

This article, Cryptic markings outside flats in Quarry Bay housing estate trigger burglary fears, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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