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A coalition of several dozen organizations will gather Sunday in downtown Bangkok to call for marriage equality after a court declared it unconstitutional.

The Rainbow Unity for Marriage Equality called upon supporters to gather at Ratchaprasong Intersection to show solidarity with and support for LGBTQ+ and gender-noncomforing people to demand the legalization of same-sex marriage in the kingdom. 

“Come and experience the atmosphere of gender justice that the Thai state has not yet given us,” wrote the Feminist’s Liberation Front. “Let’s raise the rainbow flag and free ourselves from legal limitations. Be a part of the change and stomp your feet together to change the law.”

The rally comes after the Constitution Court last week rejected a challenge to the constitutional prohibition of same-sex marriage, snuffing the hopes of marriage equality proponents looking to shortcut a stalled legislative remedy.

A promotional poster of the Nov. 28 demonstration.

Participants can expect to find participating organizations’s street booths, hoist rainbow flags and sign a petition to call for legal marriage for all regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

“In 2021, the collective need of a safe and inclusive community for LGBTQ+ women is more important than ever,” a statement from San Francisco dating app Her said in support. “Thailand is welcoming and nurturing to LGBTQ+ tourism while [its] queer residents continue to fight for equality and acceptance.”

The collective consists of nearly 50 organizations including the Feminist’s Liberation Front, Free Gender Thailand, APCOM Foundation, TEAK – Trans Empowerment, and iLaw. 

The demonstration will start at 4pm.

The failure of the legal challenge seems to leave proponents only one way forward: through parliament. There, a bill to legalize same-sex unions – hailed by some as progressive yet derided for not extending full marriage rights – has all but died in committee, with some lawmakers openly questioning its necessity.


Thai constitution does not permit same-sex marriage, court rules

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