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We all may have our fetishes, but one Thai man still stunned the internet with his indecent job proposal: hiring an escort to infect him COVID-19.

Insurance regulators said yesterday they are investigating whoever advertised this week his search for a female companion who’s tested positive for the disease. Why would the unidentified man’s post, which went viral earlier this week, interest the mandarins at the Office of Insurance Commission? In a word, fraud.

“Looking for the infected only. Work starts at 10pm,” he wrote in a Line group. “3,000-5,000 with a 600 commission for a broker.”

The post requested that the woman must show proof she has tested positive for COVID and received two lines on her ATK test.

Importantly, he made it clear that he just wanted to trade breaths, not body fluids. In the post, he specified the successful applicant should be “EN up EN only.” 

As we have previously broken down, those are service codes in the models-for-hire world that mean only entertainment but no sex (typically a Thai pretty), while “up” means booze or party drugs are A-OK. Jobs are often sourced via Line, where groups abound for recruiting pretties and escorts 

Pretty Girls Taking Risks: Inside the world of Thailand’s models for hire

His message found its way to Facebook, where readers reacted in disbelief and ample ridicule.

“Might as well just contract HIV,” Boonchoy Sahakijrungrueng wrote.

Many suspected that he meant to scam a COVID-19 insurance plan. Such policies became popular with the pandemic, and some policies for those who become infected have big payouts that can last for months.

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