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Dr Annuar explains the Delta Variant detected in Sibu Division during his Facebook live stream. — Picture via Borneo Post
Dr Annuar explains the Delta Variant detected in Sibu Division during his Facebook live stream. — Picture via Borneo Post

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SIBU, Aug 22 — Assistant Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research Dr Annuar Rapaee urges the people to continue to be vigilant especially now that the Delta variant has already been detected here.

During his Facebook live stream yesterday, he said the best thing to do now is to observe strictly the standard operating procedures (SOPs), wear double mask, continue to keep personal hygiene and avoid travelling outside of Sibu if there is no urgency.

He said eight cases of Delta Variant detected in Sibu Division a few days ago came from Sibu (four cases), Selangau (one), two foreigners (Indonesians) and one from Sarikei.

“In Sibu, three cases were recorded in Permai while one was recorded in Rantau Panjang. I want to emphasise that although these four Delta variant cases were detected in Permai and Rantau Panjang, it does not mean they are not at other places in Sibu.

“I would like everybody to strictly observe the SOPs. Everybody knows that Delta Variant is very infectious although clinical manifestation among vaccinated people is low. Most importantly if you have close contact with positive cases, isolate yourself immediately,” he added.

Dr Annuar, who is also Sibu Division Disaster Management Committee (SDDMC) coordinator also advised those who have just received their second dose to avoid going out.

He also said that Covid-19 cases in Sibu had shown an increase this week, with 214 cases compared to 134 cases last week.

He said the increase was due to a new cluster involving a shipyard.

However, he admitted, that generally the cases in Sibu had increased.

He said the 58 cases reported in Sibu Division yesterday were mostly infections among family members.

Meanwhile, on his ‘Vote for Your Favourite Book Cover Contest’ for his new book publication The Political Heart: A Decade’s Journey from Physician to Politician, he said 981 participated in the contest.

He said out of the total participants, 722 or 73.6 per cent of the participants chose book cover B.

He said those voted for B would stand a chance to win folding bikes. — Borneo Post

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