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WITH over 350,000 units produced and distributed throughout the world, the Monster family is the best-selling and the longest-running in the history of Ducati.

This all-new Monster model, presented during the 2021 Ducati World Premiere, is inspired by the original 1993 philosophy: a lightweight and essential sport naked with a frame derived from a Superbike and a powerful engine that is also perfectly suited for road use.

Head of Ducati Malaysia Dennis Michael said “The Ducati Monster was designed and built from the ground up as a bike that can be enjoyed by everyone, from new riders right up to experienced ones. So we wanted to make sure the ownership possibilities in Malaysia reflected this ethos as well.

“Ducati Malaysia has gone great lengths to package the all-new Monster with immense value, making the new bike a pound-for-pound champ in terms of value proposition.

“Owners will be getting incredible bang-for-their-buck in terms of owning a machine that’s energised with style, technology, heritage, functionality, and absolute joy. There’s very little compromise here with the all-new Monster and the only thing its owners will need to do is gear up, suit up and just immerse themselves in the Ducati lifestyle.”

‘Just fun’

The all-new Monster is light, compact and fun. An ideal motorcycle both for those approaching the world of two wheels for the first time and even for more experienced motorcyclists.

It is ready to provide fun to new generations of motorcyclists thanks to its brilliant and easy-to-manage performance, extremely low weight, a nimble and intuitive chassis and state-of-the-art electronic equipment.

The heart of the bike is the 937cc L-twin Testastretta 11-degree engine with Desmodromic distribution, which makes the Monster sporty and fun.

Maximum power stands at 111hp at 9,250rpm with a torque of 93Nm at just 6,500rpm.

Thanks to the increased displacement compared to the 821-cc version, torque has improved across the rev range, particularly in the medium-low range, which is the most commonly used portion of the powerband on the road and between curves.

The engine guarantees thrilling performance and riding pleasure, also thanks to the new gearbox and the Ducati Quick Shift Up/Down fitted as standard.

Ducati devoted great attention to reducing the total weight of the all-new Monster. The bike has been completely redesigned: subframe, rims, swingarm and above all the frame, which is now an aluminium front frame with load-bearing engine, conceptually similar to that of the Panigale V4 and 4.5kg lighter (60% less) than the trellis.

The work carried out on the chassis, together with a weight reduction of 2.6kg on the engine, has taken the dry weight of the Monster to only 166kg (almost 20kg less than the Monster 821) and this translates into an agile bike in traffic and with excellent handling.

Monster performance, maximum manoeuvrability

The design reinterprets the key elements of the Monster, such as the “bison-back” fuel tank, the circular headlight, the clean tail and the engine centre-stage, resulting in a more contemporary overall aesthetic.

The shapes have evolved to emphasize functionality and technology, with narrow sides that allow the rider to easily place his/her feet on the ground when the bike is stationary, also thanks to the saddle height which is now 820mm in the standard version, and which can be adjusted to 775mm by mounting the low saddle accessory and the lowered suspension kit.

The ergonomics of the bike are also improved by moving the saddle closer to the handlebar, which allows the rider to maintain a more upright position, with less load on the wrists, and with greater control over the bike.

The steering angle has been increased to 36 degrees (a full seven degrees more than the 821) to facilitate manoeuvres and ensure maximum manoeuvrability even at low speeds and in urban environments, while the footrests have been repositioned to offer a more comfortable riding position.

‘A Monster of advanced technologies’

The standard electronic equipment enables the performance of the bike to be expressed with a high degree of active safety and includes cornering ABS, traction control and wheelie control, all adjustable to different levels of intervention.

The sporty character of the bike is also underlined by the availability of launch control which ensures lightning-fast starts.

The standard equipment also includes sophisticated elements, such as a hydraulic clutch, radial brake and clutch pumps, and adjustable levers.

The all-new Monster is adjustable with three Riding Modes (Sport, Urban, Touring) that make it possible to shape the character of the bike according to riding requirements.

Power delivery is especially smooth thanks to the Smart Power Modes, which provide specific torque curves in first and second gear (Urban and Touring) or only in first gear (Sport), making riding easier.

Everything is easily manageable through the handlebar controls and the 4.3-inch colour TFT dashboard, characterised by racing graphics that echo those of the Panigale V4, with a large rev counter that shows the indication of the gear engaged in the centre.

Connectivity is guaranteed by the presence of the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), which enables the smartphone to be linked to the bike via Bluetooth.

A smartphone can also be recharged thanks to the addition of a functional USB socket under the saddle.

Colours, Plus Package

The all-new Monster is available in the range in Ducati Red and Dark Stealth with black wheels; and Aviator Grey with Red GP wheels.

For those who want even more accentuated sportiness, the Monster Plus Package adds on front fairings and a passenger seat cover.

The new Monster is offered with a limited-time launch price of RM69,900 and is now available for test rides and ownership at all Ducati dealerships nationwide.

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