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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte made the most out of his last State of the Nation Address with a speech that clocked in at almost three hours (or was it more? time has lost all meaning).

In true Duterte fashion, he ended the speech—which was arguably the most important SONA of his term—with an off-color remark about, well, pee.

Stumbling over his words trying to say “Filipino spirit,” Duterte said, “Pati ako nagmamadali na.” (“Even I’m hurrying.”) Met with a smattering of approving laughter, he then continued: “Eh naiihi na kanina pa eh” (“[I’ve] been needing to pee for a while.”)

The joke went over really well among the assembled politicians at the Batasang Pambansa, as the chief executive’s refreshing frankness was met with applause. The president leaned into it: “It’s a natural human biology so what’s the big deal? Bakit kayo magpakpak kung napaihi na ako? Sabagay, alam ko rin, nahiya kayo magtindig, puno ang pila dito pagdating sa CR mamaya.” (“Why clap if I’ve wet myself? I know that you’re all shy to stand up. The lines will be long going to the restroom later.”)

Duterte turned back to the teleprompter and read the very last line of his very last SONA: “I have full confidence that the Filipino spirit will persevere and triumph together , and together we shall rise as a nation.”

Here’s the president’s well-timed joke. Watch for the politician who pats his bladder in laughing agreement:


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This article, Duterte ends #SONA2021 with a pee joke, to the delight of Congress, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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