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Celebrities and brands alike rode the pink wave hot on the heels of Vice President Robredo officially announcing her candidacy in the upcoming May 2022 elections.

Supporters of the Vice President, dubbed as “Kakampinks,” have been busy spreading the pink fever through volunteer-organized caravans and motorcades. Their weapons of choice? Food—and pink-themed food, at that.

Volunteer groups across the country have been creating their own pink-themed treats, typically distributed to communities and individuals as conversation starters.

Here are just some of the pink dishes that have been making the rounds on social media.


Robredo’s critics used to call her “Leni Lugaw”, a term that the VP has embraced and owned wholeheartedly—and it comes as no surprise that her supporters have subverted the tag as well. Volunteers have come up with several versions of pink lugaw (rice porridge) in various volunteer-led campaigns and feeding initiatives.


Aside from porridge, volunteers also commonly distribute bilao trays of pink-hued puto, a simple yet festive rice cake, during their supporter-led initiatives.


Vendors have also come up with pink burgers—and this one is big ‘n pink, in particular.


Ready for “pink-desal”? Groups such as Mountaineers for Leni have come up with a pink version of the Filipino bread, usually eaten at breakfast.

Ilocos empanada

One of the bolder executions of this pink trend is this Ilocos empanada, a popular treat from the Ilocos region—the hometown of political rival Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who is also seeking the presidency in 2022.

Volunteer group Dapat si Leni revealed that local vendors and Ilocos-based Leni supporters have been the subject of harrassment and threats after giving away pink-themed empanadas.

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