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What bread or pastries do you prefer to hold your sandwich together? We see your whole wheat bread, bagels, and croissants, and now we raise you kouign-amann.

This flaky buttery goodness has been quite popular across Indonesia, especially Jakarta. The name comes from the Breton words for cake (kouign) and butter (amann), and the traditional version is described as a round, multi-layered cake. While it’s originally baked as a large cake and served in slices or baked in cupcake-sized tins, the most common shape found in artisan bakeries nowadays is a round shape with a center. 

Egg Slap, a Jakarta-based restaurant specializing in egg-based meals, recently launched its kouign-amann sandwich series. There are two pop culture-inspired dishes in the series so far: Egg Sheeran, with beef bacon and scrambled eggs; and Daniel Cregg, with smoked salmon, boiled eggs, and tzatziki sauce ⁠— both priced at IDR70,000 (US$4.86).

After seeing the sandwiches on our random Instagram lurks one day, we didn’t think too long and decided to order the two sandwiches. As the items were not available on the food delivery apps that day, we ordered from Tokopedia and had them delivered from Egg Slap’s Senopati outlet.

The delivery took almost an hour to South Jakarta in midday, but we didn’t immediately try the sandwiches until the evening. Despite the long interval, the kouign-amann wasn’t soggy when we finally took a bite and we were still able to enjoy the sandwich thoroughly. It’s worth noting that while kouign amann is usually a sweet pastry, Egg Slap uses the plain variety for the savory sandwiches.

As a lover of everything salmon, we were so excited to try Daniel Cregg. The generous portion of the smoked salmon slices impressed us, along with the fact that the tzatziki sauce which is a Greek dip or sauce made of salted yogurt mixed with ingredients such as cucumbers, garlic, and various herbs complements them well. The boiled eggs were a nice addition to the mix.

The Egg Sheeran kouign-amann sandwich, with beef bacon and scrambled eggs. Photo: Instagram/@egg.slap
The Egg Sheeran kouign-amann sandwich, with beef bacon and scrambled eggs. Photo: Instagram/@egg.slap

On the other hand, the Egg Sheeran tasted like a hearty meal with its packed fillings of beef bacon, scrambled eggs, mushroom, caramelized onions, and roasted jalapeño sauce. On our first bite, we thought the sauce was too sweet, but the taste then grew on us as the spices kicked in. It was enjoyable, but we couldn’t help but make a mental note of ordering another offering from Eggslap’s menu which uses brioche buns with similar fillings, as we think the latter would be just perfect with fluffy, buttered bread.

As for the kouign-amann itself, we thought it’s good enough to be eaten on its own. Though we must say it didn’t feel as heavy and buttery as others we’ve tried before, which is probably wise on Egg Slap’s part to avoid sogginess and to balance out the packed fillings.

All in all, we would suggest you try Egg Slap’s Daniel Cregg and Egg Sheeran for a midday pickup or a weekend treat.



Egg Slap

There are four Egg Slap outlets across Jakarta and Tangerang, including South Jakarta’s Senopati, North Jakarta’s Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) and Kelapa Gading, and Gading Serpong.

Available on Gofood, Grabfood, Traveloka Eats, Shopee Food, and Wehelpyou. Order via this link



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