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Drogba and salah

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba is overwhelmed by how former teammate, Mohamed Salah has been breaking all his records.

Drogba and Liverpool star Salah were teammates at Chelsea in 2014. Egypt international Salah is now the highest-scoring African in the Premier League, though Ivorian Drogba remains the highest-scoring African in the Champions League. Drogba has 36 goals, with Salah having plenty of time to overcome that mark as he sits on 31.

“If he continues he’s going to destroy all my records! I want to cry,” Drogba laughed in conversation with Mehwar TV.

“What I’ve seen during training, and all his teammates will tell you, the quality was there. He just needed time on the pitch to show his talent and his quality.

“When you look at the squad we had at the time, it was not easy to play, but what really got me attached to Mo is that he’s really nice, he’s really polite, even when he was not playing.

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“He was sad not to contribute, but he was always good. When you have this kind of intelligence it’s just a matter of time before you blow up.

“I remember we spoke a few times when he was at Roma and he was scoring goals and then he had a moment when he was not scoring and he asked me how to deal with this kind of situation.

“I shared with him a lot of examples and experience and how it happened to me and all the strikers.”

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