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I’m not here to pretend like Valentine’s Day isn’t the most polarizing holiday of the year. I totally get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but oh, boy, is it mine. Whether I’m in a relationship or not (I won’t bury the lede: It’s the latter), I use Valentine’s Day to take inventory of all kinds of love in my life and celebrate them. Chances are if you’re reading this story, we’re on the same page. So whether you’ve got a hot date this Tuesday or are attending a Valentine’s Day soirée with friends, the items below can help perfect your look and take care of your gifts. And if someone in your life needs a push in the right gift-giving direction, go ahead and drop them this link. Keep scrolling to shop my 25 Valentine’s Day selects.

This is the dinner-date look.  

Beauty editor Katie Berohn raves about this fragrance, so naturally, I had to include it here. 

A flirty final touch for your date-night makeup look. 

You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic diamond earrings, and these are crowd pleasers for a reason.

I never buy cute pjs for myself, so receiving them as a gift is always the biggest treat. 

The perfect under-$30 gift.

The sweetest floral embroidery. 

A gorgeous contender for a wedding band upgrade. 

I’d be remiss to leave out a look like this. 

Dressing up for a dinner out? These are aptly named. 

A fluffy fake lash is a must. 

A create-your-own fragrance sample for your pickiest loved one is the cleverest gift. 

Or if that’s far too much work for you, here’s a lineup of the brand’s best sellers. (Spoiler alert: They’re all divine.) 

Add a few candies inside to complete your Valentine’s Day party favors.

My February 14 plans include lounging in this sweet pink set. 

I couldn’t leave you without the matching pants. 

The popularity of signet rings has definitely been on the rise. I have so many friends who would love to be gifted this style. 

Fresh roses fade. This yummy chapstick lasts far longer. 

Shorter, thicker lashes for a bolder eye look. 

I’m not above giving heart-themed gifts on Valentine’s Day, and you shouldn’t be either. 

This stunning pendant will be a family heirloom one day. 

A silky essential that you can wear year-round layered with a knit or dressed down with a simple white tank. 

For that Valentine’s Day gift exchange. Yes, that’s a thing!

The perfect pop of color for your Valentine’s Day look. 

With notes of juniper and sandalwood, this massage candle has the most heavenly scent. 

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